It is illegal to sell refurb X360 as new! Also see what's inside

Consumers Alert!

Earlier this morning a fellow digger send in a nice little article to my mailbox and the title reads 299 Xbox is refurbished along with a small photo (see below). A lot of people are indeed confused about this move and while I haven't seemed the unit in person, having years of working experience in the electronic sector in my early years I think I am qualified to say a few things about refurbished electronics.

Also see what's inside the refurbished 360 (image included)

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meepmoopmeep3762d ago

it's illegal to sell it "claiming" that it's new.
if it's refurbished it has to be known that it is.

RevN8r3762d ago

Yeah, as long as it's sold as a refurb unit, there won't be anything illegal about selling them. I think the problem might be that people may buy this without realizing it's not a new console.

meepmoopmeep3762d ago

yeah, the retailer has to make it clear that it is in fact a refurb if they dont' want to face a lawsuit.

hotshot1273762d ago

im just going to sit back and watch since this isn't paticulary my field of knowledge so let the games begin..........(grabs popcorn)

DrWan3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

as long as consumers know it will be fine. I think if u r getting a ps3 or a x360 it is alot of money; especially if u r a kid without proper income. even if u r on my salary, it is alot of money; so its important ppl knows this kind of thing. i didn't mean to flame when send submitted article.

Condoleezza Rice3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

Just last year my roommate got into a small legal battle with Guitar Center over selling him a refurbished Keyboard-advertised as New,to make a long story short,he won.

So anyways,Microsoft shouldn't dare attempt to sell refurbished consoles,it will only end in them losing potential customers.

pwnsause3762d ago

well they have to say that they are selling you a refurb. it is legal to sell refurbished hardware, the thing is it has to be discounted from the regular price, not to mention a longer warranty,not to mention, the box or the sellers should not say that its new

reccodog3762d ago

This is not going to end good. And ONLY Microsoft Would do this. Selling something referbed as new is not good bis. at all! Trust me I know from past experiences.

They will probably have REFERB on the box in really microscopic lettering. LOL

FantasyStar3762d ago

The stuff they fix gotta go somewhere right? Sure people get their 360s exchanged with a refurb, but what to do with that other refurb when surplus of it is too high?


japwow3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

i bought a refurbished PC last month.
the PC was selling as refurbished PC.
so there is no problem. because i know the fact.

but if furbished xbox360s have been sold as new xbox360s,
it's completely evil. shame. illegal.

Panthers3762d ago

How else is M$ going to get rid of all that RROD baggage? Geeze!

Real Gambler3762d ago

Remember, electronic appliance, particularly PCs and Consoles are dust magnet.

Most of the times, the dust is blown away during refurb, but I've seen my fair share of PCs sent back with dust, cat hair, etc. Basically, some company simply replace the drive with another one with O.S. pre-installed, do a quick check, and send back. Not exactly good for people with allergy and quite often fans will fail later on.

Then, you also have to think that some of these appliances may have been overheated. Common example is a PC fan that stop working because of the dust. (Not all houses are like yours and pretty much dust free). If it's the power supply fan, or the case fan, before it got really stuck, everything inside was like in an oven for quite a while. Cheap thermal paste will become dust. Memory will work at over recommended temperature for weeks. Then the fan finally stop working totally. Blue screen, or RRoD happen. When sent back to factory, they replace the fan, give it a quick test and send back. What do you get if you buy it? A highly stressed and cooked electronic device that is likely ready to blow again. Quite often, other smaller fans like the one on the video cards or chipset have been running full blast for months before appliance was sent. They are already filled with dust. They are just time bomb ready to go as well. See those big heatsing in the 360? The thermal paste (or sticky) allowing heat exchange between the heatsink and the IC is already overcooked and not as efficient as it used to be. Board may be partially bent.

Even worst, it could also be a refurb from a power surge or lightning hit. Power supply was fried and replaced. Pass test, and shipped. But trust me, that motherboard also took a hit and will have a shorter life.

So, basically, stay away from refurb electronic applicances. It's not worth the small change you will save. In fact I hate sending my appliance under warranty because you don't know where the refurb you got has been. I protect my appliances with high quality surge protectors, but the console you got back may have been in the hand of a 13 years old kid who never used a surge suppressor, may have plug it in a overloaded circuit where surges abound, drop it a few time to make sure to heatsink are not snuggle anymore, and sure enough is a huge time bomb in your hand.

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