Bayonetta 2 Has Sold 60,000 Units in France, Wii U Sales Surge Year-over-Year

Usually when considering the largest video game markets in the world, people first begin to list countries such as the US, Japan, and UK. Perhaps after the big three, Australia and Germany would also be named. According to a recent interview, Nintendo is doing incredibly well in the country of France. In fact, not only is hardware selling well in the country, but software is also selling incredibly well.

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benji1011417d ago

The French have good taste.

cleft51417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

The WiiU and Nintendo is interesting in general because there products doesn't really fall in value. Mario and Zelda titles from last generation held on to their $50 price tag long after popular games on Sony and Microsoft platform dropped in price. The reason for that is how high quality and well polished the games where when released.

Thats a lesson that many game developers, looking at Ubisoft with AC:Unity and the Drive Club developers, could take a lesson from. This means that Nintendo games can sustain their value significantly longer than other games. Which gives Nintendo time to generate momentum and sales for their consoles and still sale their titles at full or close to full price.

I think that is what we are going to see with Bayonetta on the WiiU. The WiiU will continue to build buzz and sale well. In turn, Bayonetta 2 that has all the polish and backing of a traditional Nintendo game will continue to sell. I predict that Bayonetta 2 will do exceptionally well over a much longer term than what we are traditionally use to seeing.

benji1011417d ago

VG Charts must be miles off as they have Bayonetta 2 at only selling 80 000 for all of Europe. I would guess they must be out by 100 000 units based on 60 000 in France alone. Just goes to show how far out VGcharts can be.

N4g_null1417d ago

Yeah I saw that report earlier this week. Great game by the way.

Ac7iVe1417d ago

Bought bayo day one and only half way through part 1, smash bros has taken me over lol

GokuSolosAll1417d ago

Glad it has its fanbase but I never liked how people always cited "Bayonetta 2 & X" as Nintendo's trump cards. Overrated.

crusf1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

Everything that deserves and has earned praise is overrated? That never made any sense to me. It's actually pretty stupid.

Kevlar0091417d ago

The WiiU has been pumping out quality games one after the other. You can point to each Nintendo published game and say "this one gives the genre due justice". Mario Kart for a racer, Smash for a fighter, Toad for a puzzle game, soon to be X for open world JRPG, Zelda for Open world adventure, and possibly Splatoon and Woolly World for shooter and platformer.

wonderfulmonkeyman1417d ago

Don't forget about Mario 3D World and Shovel Knight for platformers and Devil's Third for yet another shooter.
Heck, if Metroid goes FPS-style with the next one, like the Prime Trilogy was, then include that, too.
And last but not least, there's also Star Fox for our Rail Shooter needs.

mcstorm1417d ago

This is what people seem to forget about Nintendo they have a Massive array of IP's. One thing Nintendo don't do is milk them yoy like 3rd party's. Ok it is missing some of the big IPS like BF, COD, FIFA ect but that is not what I pickup the WiiU for as I also own an xbox one.

For me this gen is all about the exclusives for me and at this moment in time none of the 3rd party games stand up to the same gores as the exclusives we have on all 3 consoles at the moment. For example Horizon 2 nothing else comes close in that gore, Mario Kart Nothing is as much fun as this game on any console, Super Smash bros and I could go on. I am hoping that the 1st party's show 3rd party develops that they need to stop with the YOY games and give us some new exciting IP's or bring back some old IP's.

DeusEx-Machina1416d ago

"Bayo 2 & X" are precisely the reason I own a Wii U, mate.

Smash, Mario Kart, Zelda, etc. are just icing on the cake for me.

DeusEx-Machina1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

Amazon fr had a good deal. Even if I don't live there I bought my copy from there too.

TBH I buy all my Nintendo copies and hardware there.