Big Box Websites Want to Rule the World, Gaming Reset Says F' 'Em

Michael Alan at Gaming Reset writes - "The big gaming websites want us to watch and listen because they are big. Forget their opinion, they are big, we should listen? That's what they want us to do. "Internet's #1...Podcast". Then they keep telling us who listens to the show, street cred right? Oh, not to mention Internets #1 podcast, the Internet you always complain about? "


Story has been retracted by site.

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N4g_null1415d ago

Lol it is getting rediclious.

Eonjay1415d ago

No one takes Polygon seriously. No one.
And IGN exists so we have a place to keep trolls. He is right that IGN complaining about review practices and their own comment section is beyond belief.

The moment they decided to prioritize monetization of clicks over honest commentary is the day IGN died.

001415d ago

games sites know they are becoming irrelevant and are fighting tooth and nail against the main demographic of gamers thinking it would be easy because they are became so out of touch.

MultiConsoleGamer1415d ago

I don't trust most of the big gaming websites. I know how they play the game. It's payola city.

Nicaragua1415d ago

regardless of the message this vidcast is rambling crap.

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