Dragon Age: Inquisition - Ultra Versus Low Comparison Screenshots

Below you can find some comparison screenshots between the game's Ultra and Low settings.

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Edvin19841509d ago

Ok, so I am playing this on XboxOne and I don't see a difference from what I play to this? Hell I don't see the difference from left or right screen shots. I guess I don't have the trained eye to really grasp the visual difference.

I mean I know what a ultra PC settings game difference is like when i play BF4 on my system compared to my X1. I think the art style of this game helps lower end hardware a lot, but most importantly the game it self is a boat load of fun. I really am enjoying this game a lot.

Jahbu1509d ago

Yeah I gotta agree...and I'm playing on the PC on ultra settings. Playing at 60fps is pretty nice though.

Emme1509d ago

Agreed, game doesnt look spectacular on these screens. Materials look unrealistic, faces look bland.