Showdown: PSN vs. Xbox Live writes: After a year and a half of waiting, Playstation Nation has finally received what they asked (or rather, begged) for. Just last night, Sony rep Eric Lempell premiered the Playstation 3's in-game XMB system along with their answer to Xbox 360's "achievements", the PS3 trophy system. Jubilant PS3 owners can now listen to their favorite tracks during those marathon CoD4 sessions, message their friends without leaving Snake in the cold, connect Bluetooth headsets in-game and even enter a different game – all without quitting back to the XMB. True, 360 owners have had the privilege of using these exact features for the past two and a half years, but with an ever expanding market for Blu-Ray, a wealth of excellent titles for '08 and Playstation Home on the way, Sony's now burgeoning online service can now compete directly with Microsoft's. Let's take a look at what each has to offer:

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hunter213762d ago

haha i know this topic will come... jeez

socomnick3762d ago

This article is stupid theres no debating Xbox live is vastly superior to psn.

ruibing3762d ago

But with every passing update, it loses a little more and there's nothing it can do but make a price cut.

The gaming GOD3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

But this IS debatable. And with each improvement, psn network is starting to equal and even surpass xbox live. So yeah, it IS debatable.

Sexius Maximus3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

But you seem to think that PSN is the only one doing updates. It has gotten way better over the passed 2 years, but so has LIVE. Free is nice no doubt, but I'll still take the layout and conveniences of LIVE. Don't get me wrong, I love my PS3, but the 360 has a better network...anybody that owns BOTH systems (so they're not a fanboy) would agree.

ChrisGTR13762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

well the only way for psn to go is up.. but honestly it will never catch up. its too late for that to be possible. and then the trophy system is broken. on ps3 you can easily download gamesaves to boost the trohpys so that system is already broken right out of the box. i can already imagine everyone doing it. downloading a game save for mgs4 from the room right before snake goes into the torture microwave room on big boss extreeme with no kills/ no alarms. just walk in and punch liquid til he dies and DONE! hardest trophy for mgs4 done in 10 mins.

XBOX 3603762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

"Will the patch automatically allocate unlocked trophies according to your saved files or would you have to do it again?

No, Trophies aren’t retroactive."

And I'm assuming trophies won't show up just because you have an updated gamesave and will happen as you actually complete them.

okcomputer3762d ago

I agree w/maximus (but not nick) I own both consoles too, and if anything i lean more towards a sony bias than ms since the ps2 was so great. But even with the 2.4 update live is still better than psn, but to say live is "vastly superior" after 2.4 is just stupid. Before 2.4 maybe, but with this update psn has narrowed the gap considerably.

btkadams3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

mark your post with spoilers if your gonna say the ending of mgs4 you dumbass. and btw the system isnt broken. none of my friends or myself will do what you said and the trophy system is purely to compare with friends so it doesnt really matter to me. anyone who does that can do it for their own enjoyment, it doesnt affect you does it? i doubt there'll even be a leaderboard of the top 10 psn trophies/level.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

I beg to differ, I find PlayStation 3 online games are much quicker than XBOX Live games. Resistance: Fall of Man is one of them, so far I can't seen an XBOX Live game move that fast.

Usually people like you who say XBOX Live is vastly superior haven't been playing on both. It's a hit and miss at times but for the most part they're on par.

So far I haven't seen any online only games on the XBOX 360 yet only for the PlayStation 3.

INehalemEXI3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

I own both and rarely use XBL but still pay for it sadly. Im always on PSN or PC.

Ultimately I am this way since I chose to buy most games for PS3 since my 360 failed twice on me and the XBL fee.

That fee makes me not want to invest in XBL for the longterm since I don't want to pay a fee forever. Im in the playing online for free camp unless its some intense MMO thats worthy of a fee. Still I pay the fee and enjoy the 360's exclusives.

I consiously made the decision to get most multiplayer games for either PC or PS3 due to these reasons and I do lean towards the PS library more since its had more time to grow on me.

XBL has the TV shows and Movies though I do browse them and sometimes spring for an episode of something or other. I got netflix though so not often. Charging for Music video's is kind of sorry though. PS3 has Youtube etc. for that.

joydestroy3762d ago

i own both systems and i believe both networks are pretty much on par. i can't recall getting any lag on the PSN but i'm sure i've run into some. i definitely remember experiencing some lag on XBL.

the PSN and the XMB need more updates before i can comfortably say that it's as good or better than XBL and it's interface. although, i certainly enjoy navigating the XMB over the blades on the 360. i hardly ever move around on the 360's interface, but i move around a lot on the XMB, probably because i put more crap on my PS3 versus my 360, like a custom theme or whatever.

ChrisGTR13762d ago

wait what?its a spoiler that you fight liquid at the end of the game??? its pretty obvious as your only mission is to terminate liquid dont you think? it was spoiled in the official cutscenes

NegativeCreepWA3762d ago

46 people that cant accept the truth.

I would like to know if someone can say something about PSN that doesnt involve the words if, when, soon, just wait, it'll be patched and, so on?

PSN works fine if you play online by yourself. It wasn't until a few of my friends got PS3's before I realized how inferior it is compared to Live. The 2.40 update helps some, the trophies are nice addition. But when it comes to communicating with people all it adds is text massaging, the rest of it has to nothing to do with PSN. I would like to know how exactly PSN is on par with Live?

Ri0tSquad3762d ago

The Trophy System is not broken!

When 2.40 is released everyone is back at square one for older games released before 2.40 that receive trophies. Sony did this to avoid people from cheating.

It's already been posted on N4G.

BaSeBaLlKiD7213762d ago

at 1.4

i have to disagree with you... i have both systems and i see no difference in the online gameplay between PSN and XBL... but with PSN getting the features(in game messaging, video store, etc) that XBL has already PLUS dedicated servers, its no doubt that PSN so much better than XBL. After my XBL subscription expires, i'm done with XBL

ChrisGTR13762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

thats not what i meant.
everyone knows its easy as possible to copy game saves from internet to ps3 through usb drive... (or hell maybe even download it directly through ps3 web browser) what im saying is being able to load other peoples game saves is the problem with ps3 trophies. i can easily download a game save of uncharted on hardest difficulty level on last level, rent the game, pass the boss and BAAMM i got the gold trophy from doing basically nothing. on 360 game saves can only be used on your console and are locked. its nearly impossibly to cheat gamerscore is what im saying. on ps3 its a piece of cake.

@ baseballkid

wow... clearly you dont have any real life friends with a 360. if you did ou would of realized live is way better for that.
ps3 online is fine and dandy up until you want to play with your friends online. thats when its a complete suck fest. no invites, you can join them, you LITERALLY have to call your friend on a cellphone just to get in the same game on ps3. on 360 you can join friends and invite friends right from there gamertag.

Ri0tSquad3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

I bet we won't even be able to copy game saves on or off the PS3 after 2.40 comes out. But we'll just have to wait and find out. I think Naughty Dog is a little smarter then that. I'll try this out though when we get it. But I won't be surprised if they disable the feature to copy gamesaves off or on the system. Hopefully they lock it (the gamesave) with the PSN ID so that only the gamesave can only be copied to the PSN ID it was originally copied from.

shadow27973762d ago


Trophies will not be connected to game saves, they are separate. Straight from the PS Blog Q & A:

"Trophies will be attached to users’ PSN ID. Trophy data needs to be synchronized to the online account on PSN to be transferred to the new PS3 system."

Next time, could you try to know what you're talking about before disrupting the discussion? Microsoft has their own PR people, they don't need you too.

Anyway, I'm pretty excited for this update, I'm tired of quitting a games to read a one sentence message or because I forgot to sync my headset. I'm just hoping a lot of early games get patches for trophies, and I hope they get them soon. I'm also crossing my fingers hoping that custom soundtracks get 3rd party support, because they were possible before and most developers didn't seem to care. Hopefully Sony is putting a little more pressure on 3rd parties to ensure that it isn't just a 1st party thing.

themyk3762d ago

whats this sh1t about not being able to invite people on the psn? i have plenty of friends on psn, that i play with every night. i've never had to call one of them on a phone. every game i've played has an invite. thats got to be the dumbest thing i've ever read. i understand you can go to your friends list on live and send an invite from there. and thats nice. you just do it different on psn. it's no harder, you just go about it a different way. so try to educate yourself before you come on here spreading lies, and brush your teeth next time you speak, i can smell your breath from here.

INehalemEXI3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

Mod support and free play are the main things that make PSN attractive to me personaly. PSN is young but its framework and business model show the most potential.

XMB and custom themes, good good .... paying for themes/pics on xbl is ridiculous. If they were custom from a talented artist I could understand but thats the same generic a$s theme/pic everyone else will use.

I do tire of waiting for Home and the firmware updates with major features like 2.4. Yet the wait is pretty much over by 2008 most of the meat and bones will all be in place including Home in at least an open beta form.

Ive never had problems with friend invites on PSN either. Its a moot point seeing as in 2 days 2.4 will have the in game xmb which will make it universally easy to msg a bud while in game.

ChrisGTR13762d ago


i know how trophies work. i know there not attached to gamesaves, HOWEVER you can get around it easily. here its quite simple..

lets say theres an echevement for beating mgs on big boss extreeme with no kills / no alarms(which there is)

i can simply go to and download the save game RIGHT BEFORE i actually beat the game. then load it up on my ps3. i manually pass the ending and BAM i got it. trohpy unlocked. see what i mean? if i were to download a save game of the game completed already then it wouldnt work. however if its 95% done and i just finish the boss then itll work.

and you guys actually believed theyll disable it. im looking at em right now...
Assassin's Creed - 100%
Call of Duty 4 - 100%
CoD 4 Clan Tag Glitchs 3 in 1 Pack
MGS4 Bandana and Stealth + More!

im shure this is where those as$hole cheaters on cod4 get thier mods from.

tweaker3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )


I know exactly what you mean. I was actually thinking the same thing about that flaw with the gamesaves on last level/last checkpoint way back when Trophies were still a concept. But hey who knows if that works until its out. Maybe Game Complete Gold Trophies require a certain amount of checkpoints before achieving such trophy. Maybe the Game Complete Trophy won't appear lets say if Act 2 trophy in MGS4 isn't completed on that difficulty. Eric Lempel did demonstrate Trophies attained during level completion. Get what I mean? Although you could be right but I really hope its not that simple. :)

BTW, who would want to rent a game for one Trophy? I'm sure when your friends compare trophies with you, you would only have one. They would know you cheated and downloaded a save file. lol Also I'm sure achievement/trophy whores will want the platinum trophy instead and you can only get that if you get all trophies on Gold.

Not to mention PSN users have levels to gain. Assuming one Gold Trophy is worth 3 points, a person playing Uncharted on easy achieving all silver trophies appose to someone playing Uncharted on the last level with a gamesave earning one Gold trophy will always get more points than the lazy one who downloaded the gamesave.

power of Green 3762d ago

LOL they give PSN the edge based on features not even launched yet by the time PSN has all the features that will supposedly give it the edge XBL will also be on its next evolution why do you think Sony and Sony fans are making such a big deal of these leaks right before E3. lol

XBL will never be free MSFT will simply restucture Silver and Gold account plans offering more for the money.

I think it is actually kind of silly for Sony and fans to boast these PS3 features so close to a major gaming event lol.

Keowrath3762d ago

Well as of last night, I'm actually at that point in the game. My save is right at the last boss (at 3:59) I'm contemplating leaving it for tonight until the update is done tomorrow.

I've earnt this feat off my own back and I'll be a little disappointed if I'm refused the Trophy (I'm not that bothered about Trophies in general but games that I really enjoy and that I've beaten on the hardest setting Ninja Gaiden MNM, DMC4 Only up to DMD and MGS4 TBE on BBE run) Just encrypt the game saves to that particular account (not machine, some people have the same account on 2 machines)

Drekken3762d ago

Chris you are running around this site posting the end of a game like the selfish child you are.

Have some respect and enjoy my ignore list you loser.

katana5233762d ago

i have both systems but now i pretty much only play one and that is the ps3. funner games better interface.

spec_ops_comm3762d ago

"I would like to know if someone can say something about PSN that doesnt involve the words if, when, soon, just wait, it'll be patched and, so on?"

THIS THURSDAY the PSN will be getting firmware 2.40, an upgrade that allows in-game XMB browsing and a Trophy achievement system, along with Trophies for the first supporting game Super Stardust HD.

All of this is completely free.

There, I've tried to summarize what all the PSN buzz OVER THE LAST WEEK has been about into a nice little blurb. I don't believe I used if, when, soon, just wait or it'll be patched either. This update is definite, and it's coming this Thursday.

Tomdc3762d ago

many fanboys located in the above posts =P

potenquatro3762d ago

LIVE is alot better then PSN or STEAM for that matter. oh wait, this is N4g. *walking and talking like a zombie* "the PSN is the best network in the world and the ps3 will own for ten years".

@ some one plays: ever heard of Shadowrun? you can actually play against people on pc's with that game, and it's online only. it's also not the only game like that for xbox.

edit: disagrees are out of control here, this xbox hating is pathetic. I aplaud Sony for brainwashing people propperly.

shadow27973762d ago

@ ChrisGTR1

Ahh I understand what you mean now. My apologies. But tweaker brings up some good points, even if it does work (which I'm still questioning), you'd have to do multiple game saves for there to be any advantage at all. And if you do that, your not really saving yourself much time. Making trophies retroactive was a very good move by Sony. And the tiered system makes it even better. You can't unlock the Platinum trophy without all the others, maybe some gold trophies will require silver and bronze trophies that you would have picked up if you'd actually done it. If this is the case, then Sony might have actually cheater-proofed the system.

@ Keowrath, MGS4 probably won't be patched for trophies by tomorrow. However, I would love for you to test it. So perhaps after you beat that section you could save it in another slot? Then when the patch is released, you could just load up that save and beat it again and see if you get a shiny new trophy.

@ spec_ops_comm, Firmware 2.40 comes out July 2nd, that's Wednesday. Lucky for you, you get to wait one less day than you were expecting. :)

Ironically, my free One Month Gold membership for Live expires on July 2nd lol

DJ3761d ago

I don't understand why Chris can't grasp that concept. Yes, anyone can download game saves. But the reason previously released games need to be patched in order to support this system is because it tracks when the user unlocks a trophy in real-time; Game Save data isn't even tracked by the Trophy System.

So even you download a 100% complete Game Save file for say Gran Turismo 5, you haven't played the game through so you haven't done anything to contribute to your trophy collection for that game.

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badz1493762d ago

the PSN will no doubt be the better service overall - offering similar features as XBL but FREE!

eventhough for me, PSN was always the better one because of that very reason and it allows me to play online for free 24/7/365, I didn't care about achievements or in-game XMB or custom soundtracks because all I want is to play games and to play it online whenever I like without being bothered by any online fees or other people calling or msging me during the sessions or listening to unwanted music as BGM during playing! in-game custom soundtracks is good for racing games for example, but I can't stand music in most of my other games! just thinking about listening to Rihanna-Umbrella while sneaking in MGS4 or in horror and war games - it's ridiculous! but there's always good to have the choice! maybe I'm not going to use it but I know many others will and that's good for them!

other features like trophies and change game while in-game are cool! it's interesting to hear what the 360-only/fanatics gamers will try to smack PSN after 2.4 because their advantages dissapeared after each PSN updates and most importantly their meaningless $50 per year looks more a RIP-OFF and FOOLISH more then ever by now!!

Condoleezza Rice3762d ago

Strongly agree with the conclusion ^

Halochampian3762d ago

of course a Sony fanboy would agree.. and you are one.

I dont own a PS3(yet) but I do take the word of others who have both and know many and they say that LIVE still has it beat.

INehalemEXI3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

After playing MGO you would see how well PSN can work as far as Clan support etc. Utilizing the Web browser while in game to visit MGO's community website is a +. you could also access clan sites via PS3 web browser. You can do this through MGO while in game now yet its nice to peep folks actuall clan sites too with the browser.

I could see things like this implemented in clever ways in future titles. The PSN's framework is open and free with mod support too its already making xbl look bad IMO.

Hopefully for MS sake they announce some new additions and revamps to XBL that keeps it worthy of a fee. Hopefully for gamers sake they quit charging or charge less.

tplarkin73762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

XBL is the only way to play online games. Sony would be lucky to match XBL. Anyone that says PSN is superior is either paid by Sony or needs medical attention.

There are way too many people agreeing with the Sony side, here. I'm wiling to bet that Sony has an army of moles on the net. The balance in this thread is way way off.

badz1493762d ago

what's your point actually? the only way to play online is on XBL?? I am quite sure that I've played countless hours of online gaming on my PC and via PSN for almost a year now since I got my PS3 last year. people agreed that PSN is better and will be superior than XBL after tomorrow's update not because Sony paid us to but because Sony provided us with PSN for free and it delivers! on the other hands, what are you getting to the extend of justifying the $50 fee? PSN users are getting almost all of those by tomorrow still for free! video marketplace? just around the corner for PS3 also. unified friends list? is that even worth $50?? most PS3 games are using dedicated servers, which by the way cost money compared to P2P used by XBL thus 'host advantage' problem never occurs on the PS3!

so XBL is no longer the better one, heck I dare to say that after 2.4, XBL is in a huge disadvantage due to it's fee. fee reduction or even termination for XBL is inevitable! don't forget to thank Sony later when M$ is to drop their arrogant balls on that $50!!

Rob0g0rilla3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

"Anyone that says PSN is superior is either paid by Sony or needs medical attention."

So if someone thinks being able to play online and send messages for free makes PSN superior to XBL because they have to pay to do that needs medical attention? What if that someone doesn't care about in-game invites? Is 50 dollars a year really worth it for those extra features to that person? Probably not.

You sound like your far too in love with XBL & if they don't think it's superior then they must "paid by Sony or needs medical attention.".

Ha, listen to yourself. You really think the only way to play online is with XBL. Well, guess what? Some people prefer the PSN to play online & not everyone likes paying for online.

I don't think there is a problem with anyone liking the PSN more or thinking it's superior to XBL after this update.

Put your emotional attachment to the side and just think about it. Not everyone thinks like you and you shouldn't attack them because their opinion isn't in your favor.

Kr1553762d ago

"XBL is the only way to play online games."


Ok that was funny. I play online games on my PC all the time. it's VASTLY superior to live Including free add on game content (mods) voice chat xfire. and I don't pay a dime for it.

shelbygt333762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

Okay, PLEASE don't use MGO as an example. You know how annoyed I was to have to use the PS3's brwoser, create a Konami ID and a Game ID just for this game, get it sent to my email, verify that I got it, and then have to enter it into MGS4 ... all before I could even play a freakin' online game!!!

That's silly. Just let me jump online, that's all I want to do. And you are going to say "Sony didn't do that, the developer did." And to that I'd say incorrect - Sony created the infrastructure that forced the developer to do this.

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chidj23762d ago

no comments

ps3 muhhamed ali vs xbox who?


masterofpwnage3762d ago

well it is ps3 maan

sony is like manny paquiao


microsoft is all the mexican he fought that challenge him

they always loose.

ay who here watch him fight diaz, dam that fight was crazy.

pharmd3762d ago

oh hell yeah i watched that whole fight... he is the true mexican assassin even if he doesnt want that title

masterofpwnage3762d ago

wat mexican assassin
thats sick

that should be his new nickname wen he gets announce

manny "mexican assassin" paquiao


TheHater3762d ago

as of right now, it is xbox live. When Wednesday comes, it the PSN :)