CliffyB: Gears of War 2 co-op will be "bigger and better"

"We're not announcing anything about co-op at this time, we'll probably get around to it around E3 time, but rest assured, it will be bigger and better,"

TheHater5563d ago

You guys also stated that UT3 will have a story which is good. That didn't happen either. So I will wait an play for myself

pharmd5563d ago

it should be "bigger and better" its single player x2

Mozilla895563d ago

I know its like he feels this need to keep on reminding us that it's going to be better.

Well of course it should be better, its a sequel! Just how much better is the question...

JasonPC360PS3Wii5563d ago

CliffyB didn't do UT3, so I assume he had nothing to do with the story.

ChrisGTR15563d ago

LOL so very true. i wish MS werent d1cks about user made content so i would buy this game. although maybe i wouldnt get it anyways since i only rented it for my ps3. i was looking forward to making mods on ps3 version up until i realized i also had to buy the PC version just for the editor

Bolts5563d ago

It'll be like singleplayer, BUT with a friend! OMG brilliant!

ThanatosDMC5563d ago

I hope it wont end up like Army of Two...

iamtehpwn5563d ago

His girlfriend says otherwise, though.

ICUP5563d ago

"CliffyB says Everything he does will be "Bigger and better"
His girlfriend says otherwise, though."

Oh snap!!!!.

Yo CliffyB, let the game speak for it self and stop hyping the game to death.

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SolidSnake935563d ago

Well I think that this might be a bit different a least I hope that the co-op will be good. I think that competition has improved the franchise (Resistance being its main one).

Superfragilistic5563d ago (Edited 5563d ago )

As much as you may or may not have liked Halo 3, don't forget that it's 4player coop from Sept 07 is the real reason we are seeing it in Gears 2 & twice that in Resistance 2. Halo 3 set the bar for console gaming online, and we'll all benefit as titles such as Resistance 2 take that bar and push it even higher!

masterofpwnage5563d ago

if its like resistance co-op mode then yes it will be better and bigger then the first

if not then i think it will be the same

probably just little add ons

highps35563d ago

Ive heard that exact phrase in almost everyone if his interviews lately... Keep building the hype... lol

Superfragilistic5563d ago

I was just disappointed he forgot to add "badass"! WTF?

ThanatosDMC5563d ago

No, they'll have 9 players. They'll need to one up the competition.

SolidSnake935563d ago

Ted Price says i'll raise you 2.
2 days later Cliffy B. announces 12 player co-op.
IGN 1 month later
It looks as if both R2 and GeOW2 will feature 16 player co-op.
That way both console owners can enjoy!