Most anticipated Wii games

Video goes over 7 of the most anticipated games for the Wii.

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mf_fm3764d ago

the star wars series are must have on the wii for sure

mad world looks very interesting, but its from sega, so i will have to wait and see it first...

the other titles are alright, i will have to wait and see, deadly creatures can be fun, but not sure... we will see.

2 must have out of 7, for me.

Voiceofreason3764d ago

Sega is only the publisher not the developer.

MK_Red3764d ago

1. Mad World
2. Mad World
3. Mad World
The only game that when is out, I'll be forced to get a Wii.

Perverted3764d ago

SEGA ain't making Mad World so it'll be as awesome as I expect it to be.

I'm interested in Disaster, Mad World, Whatever the hell is unvieled at E3 & vapourware(please don't be >.<).
There's probably more but I can't mind....

mepsipax3764d ago

well let me think
Mad World
Spyborgs (yes Spyborgs)
"Unannounced Capcom Wii Project"
The Conduit
"Unannounced Retro game"
Any non party/casual game Ninty make
Deadly Creatures
um theres a few more there somewhere, but anyway it's a good year for looking forward to stuff.

TheFreak3764d ago

the conduit
mad world
monster hunter 3
disaster day of crisis (if it ever will be published)
fatal frame
sadness (same as disaster day of crisis)
skate it