GamePro shows full Resistance 2 cover...with a surprise

It looks like it is time to start paying attention to the one of this year's most anticipated shooters Resistance 2.
"GamePro's August 2008 issue is incoming to subscribers and newsstands nationwide, and it contains a special 10-page preview of Resistance 2"

Wildarmsjecht5563d ago

That...is sexy. Can't wait for people to post their scans and the info. Wanna see how the hands on felt to them.

Pizza The Hut5563d ago

where the Chimera attacks the soldier and rips and tears into his neck? I wonder if they're going to add that aspect into the actual gameplay

juuken5563d ago

Definitely picking that up tomorrow!

SolidSnake935563d ago

I feel like going to buy a GP magazine now.

meepmoopmeep5563d ago (Edited 5563d ago )

i'm waiting for good paul_war in the PS3 forums section.
oh wait, i hope the have GamePro in EU/UK

name5563d ago

What's the surprise? SOMEBODY TELL ME

Mozilla895563d ago

Thats what I'm wondering, from what I can gather its the collector's artwork inside I think. Still can't wait for this to come out.

SolidSnake935563d ago

I'm also wondering the same thing. I hope that it is something good, hopefully about splitscreen mp.

Time_Is_On_My_Side5563d ago

lol, first of all look at the human character, the human isn't human anymore. Second look at that big creature that must be one of the monsters you have to face in co-op or something.

With the newspaper articles I can't only make out the titles nothing else.