What Will Sony Announce at PlayStation Experience?

Push Square: "The problem with video games is that everything interesting tends to happen at once. Think about it for a second: all of the big blockbusters either deploy before the end of the fiscal year in March, or in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Meanwhile, there are three major gaming conventions in the medium’s calendar, and two of them – Gamescom and the Tokyo Game Show – occur within weeks of each other. With the appetite for the industry remaining insatiable all-year round, it seems strange to focus on these very specific timeframes."

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BitbyDeath1505d ago

I'm expecting Project Morpheus to get an official name with release date and possibly even pricing.

JimmyDM901504d ago

I don't mind Morpheus as a name. God of dreams and all. Though it does seem likely that they'll change it to "Playstation" something, instead.

MasterCornholio1504d ago

Games games and more games.


Playstation Experience: Game On

remixx1161504d ago

All I'm expecting is something new, that's it. As long as I get something new my appetite will be satiated.

Jaqen_Hghar1504d ago

A man just wants to know when he can order the ps1 themed ps4

HentaiMasterRace1504d ago

Hoping for more Vita, but reality won't give it to me.