Hitting the open road: The Crew first look 60 fps triple screen PC gameplay part 1

VVV: "Ubisoft's ambitious open world MMO racer The Crew is finally here, so what else could we do other than get behind the wheel of the triple screen TeamVVV Test Rig and hit the open road?

Alan's first play-through takes us through some of the early stages of The Crew, acquiring his first car, participating in some race mission events and taking in the sights as he explores the monumentally massive open world US map. Of course, he also provides us with some of his initial impressions, but the substantial scope of the game means it will take a while before we can pass an informed judgement."

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windblowsagain1417d ago

DRIVECLUB is a much better game, much better racing, graphics, handling. No it's not open world. But such an underrated title.

1417d ago
chaldo1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )


cool dewd

uth111417d ago

DC and The Crew are very different games. I like both.

NiteX1417d ago

Looks pretty damn generic.

rodiabloalmeida1417d ago

Not more than Driveclub, but it gets close.

Hamzaali1417d ago

OMG just perfect , dont wait to play xd

ThatEnglishDude1417d ago

Never seen the appeal of multi-display gaming. The bezels surrounding the monitors take away all immersion these setups are supposed to enrichen and improve, in my opinion.

rodiabloalmeida1417d ago

You're wrong. The size of the total image compensate the bezels, so you don't even notice then after 2 minutes of playing time.

SirDjss1417d ago

Actually, you don even see the bezels when you are imersed in the game. And one you have gotten used to tripple monitors you will never go back. Second, you always keep your eyes on the middle monitor even if you have two more on the sides mate.