Year End Review: Nintendo Continues to Climb

From GamesReviews

"We all know about Nintendo’s struggles in 2013. At least, that’s what too many people seem to want to focus on. However, if you look at what Nintendo put out on their systems this year, you realize that of the big three, they hands down had the best, most consistent line up of quality, problem free, AAA titles. When you examine November releases, the Playstation 4 and Xbox One titles were plagued with problems not present in Nintendo offerings this year."

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TXIDarkAvenger1414d ago

Approved. Nice to see something positive instead of Nintendo is doomed articles that get out every week.

AdamRoffel1413d ago

I've been critical of Nintendo's moves in the past, but I am a big supporter of them and fully believe they did almost everything right this year (aside from poor amiibo marketing!) May be I feel this way being a media member this year instead of just a Nintendo owner, but they have reached out with events more than I ever remember in the past. Kudos to them, they deserve lots of credit for their 2014!

wonderfulmonkeyman1414d ago

If I didn't already have a Wii U, I'd be picking one up right about now, that's for sure.

Between it and my PS3, I'm swamped!XD