Dying Light - Getting Around Harran Gameplay

Getting Around Harran Gameplay of Dying Light in 60FPS.

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Mister_V1466d ago

But why no jet pack-assisted double jump? It's cool, right?

Neixus1466d ago


On that note, i feel like grappling hooks will be the new thing. There's a grappling hook in this game, aswell as the upcoming Overwatch by Blizzard.

Grappling hooks > Jet packs anyday,though.

Mister_V1466d ago

AND in Battlefield Hardline!

TheJacksonRGN1466d ago

This game looks cool but I'm a bit tired of the zombie craze.

Meltic1466d ago

the game system req is crazy. U will need a gtx 670 2 gb to run it with low settings, and a 16 gb ram with 780 3-4 gb i5 4750 to run it high settings...