Blizzard Snubs NVIDIA?

The game will run on XP as well as Vista, with DirectX 10 being recommended but not required. As if that wasn't bad enough for the green team, which is working hard to shift new DX10 cards, the Direct X 10 included will be of the 10.1 variety - supported by DAAMIT but not the boys in green. This means that the best graphical experience might just be on ATI hardware.

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highps33764d ago

There is little difference between dx 9 and dx 10 let alone dx 10.1.. Nvidia cards will be just fine.

Where is the new MMORPGS by the way? Really not interested in RTS games anymore.

JsonHenry3764d ago

Yeah right, by the time Diablo 3 actually hits stores shelves we will be on DirectX 12.3!!

Bolts3764d ago

LOL this article fails. Its a Blizzard game, there is no such thing as "the best graphical experience". It doesn't matter if your video card is a $600 280 GTX or if your GPU is powered by a hammster. Diablo 3 will still play like Diablo 3.

Silellak3764d ago's Diablo. The game isn't exactly a graphics powerhouse.

Also, where did you get RTS? Diablo isn't a RTS...maybe you're thinking of Starcraft...

And you want MORE MMO's? Personally I wish the PC exclusive market would go back to more single player games...the market is already swamped with MMO's.

meepmoopmeep3764d ago

nice, my MBP has ATI.
thank you Blizzard!

Isaac3764d ago

Most people have nVidia

wAtdaFck3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

Unless you want to be gipped $600 for an extra 10 FPS from a $200 HD 4850, ATI is the way to go now.

I have a GeForce 8800GTX, and not even a year later, there's a mainstream $200 card that can beat my $500 card by a long shot.

SkullBlade3763d ago

Nvidia is a thing of the past now, get used to it.

Xbrainer3764d ago

LOL at the guy in gamer zone that thinks Diablo 3 is an RTS

kittoo3764d ago

Nvidia has their logo on every single game except Half life series and this. ATI users should get something too.

Charmers3764d ago

In reality the logo means very little, it's just an advert all that rubbish about "best played with" is just that rubbish. Whenever you see the Nvidia logo at the start of a game, have a little chuckle it means Nvidia simply paid a few quid towards game development.

f7897903764d ago

Especially on power supplies

TheIneffableBob3764d ago

Actually, NVIDIA has a large team of engineers who help development studios optimize their game. If you see the logo on a game, it means that NVIDIA helped the developer of the game optimize their game in one way or another.

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