A Veiled Viral Video

Film clip reveals new PS3 game is in the works. But what is it?

According to the notes included with the video, the answer may come later this week -- which is good to know, since the only information included with the 8 second clip itself is that "They're Coming Summer 2007." They can only mean "the aliens", whom we get an extremely quick glimpse of in the highly realistic video snippet.

Update: Just hours after we posted this story, several IGN readers who subscribe to PSM have informed us that the video above is indeed from the sequel to Area 51 entitled BlackSite (yes, our guesses rock!). The latest issue of the unofficial PlayStation Magazine arrived in mailboxes earlier today with a cover story on said game. Short waits are good waits.

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Tut4433d ago

I second that motion.

death monk4433d ago

That has to be one of the worst previews I've ever seen. It's just way too short for my liking. I can't judge it off of some white pipes and a weird thing moving across the screen.

Tut4433d ago

I think you are taking it the wrong way. That or you are an extreme pessimist or in a bad mood. *hug* for you just in case.

The teaser isn't supposed to make you want to go buy the game, it is just to get you interested in what it might have to offer and let you know that it will be on the market soon. If you aren't interested in the unknown thing that might be coming that makes really awesome sounds and is not-of-this-world, then your curiosity is weird. I would be more than willing to watch a follow-up trailer to this teaser because of the teaser.

I just hope they try to kill me in very interesting ways. That's all I ask.

death monk4432d ago

I see what you're saying. I'm not in anyway saying this game will be bad, I honestly just came expecting more. Hope it turns out well.

MicroGamer4433d ago (Edited 4433d ago )

Blacksite: Area 51 by Midway.