The Top Five Games to Play at Holiday Family Gatherings

EB's Nathaniel Smyth writes: "The Holiday season is upon us, which generally means big family gatherings; older grandparents, young nephews and nieces, cousins, an overall wide range of people in your house. Families will always watch Christmas movies at these gatherings, it’s a tradition among many other holiday-related activities. Those of us that are gamers, however, can bring our own activities for the whole family to enjoy, whether it be your Wii U, Xbox One, or PS4, there are tons of games the whole family can get together and have a blast with. As much fun as it is 360 no-scoping Grandma in Advanced Warfare, here’s a few titles that pretty much everyone can jump in and play with little-to-no explaining."

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TXIDarkAvenger1416d ago

Mario Party is how you end relationships

HAMM3RofBUDDHA1416d ago

I could see super smash starting a few quality family fistfights.

jcnba281416d ago

This is weird I just purchased a copy of MP4 off ebay yesterday for the holidays lol