The 20th Anniversary PS4: An Impractical Congratulations

Hardcore Gamer: With a PS camera and vertical stand equipped, Sony’s self-imposed pat on the back honors the legacy of PlayStation, all while drenched in enough fan service to make fans weep with joy.

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Death1412d ago

Pfft. It's very cool and relatively limited. Let's not over think this and try to paint it in a negative light.

PeaSFor1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

wow, lame naysayer blog much?

"The Limited Edition 20th Anniversary PS4 console might be a tribute to Sony’s rampant success in the gaming industry, but compared to other versions of the console currently available and the system’s underwhelming library of games at the moment, it’s hard to recommend it over others."

is this BLOG serious?

and it end up with "It’s a collector’s item and nothing more."

NO SHIT SHERLOCK! Dumb blogger doing a futile dumb blog. this kind of shit should be reported for being ultra lame.

ValKilmer1412d ago

As much as I want this, I feel like it's a bit self-indulgent. "Let's celebrate our anniversary by capitulating on our fans nostalgia and selling them new product!"

Ethereal1412d ago

Well, no one is making you purchase it. It's for the fans or die hard collectors.

SmielmaN1411d ago

Exactly. If I had a opportunity to buy 2 I would, but I have a feeling it will be hard enough to find one (not on the secondary market).

NegativeCreep4271412d ago

The day people like you post photos or videos of someone from Sony holding a gun to the back of your head...LITERALLY...and forcing you to purchase things like this is the day I'll sympathize with you...

...I'm waiting...

Ultraplayerxp1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

There's always that one guy...

Muzikguy1412d ago

So far. I'm sure there's more. Personally I'd love to have this but I just have to settle with the theme, which is cool in its own right :)