Xenoblade Chronicles X Director Says He’s Finally Made The Game He Always Wanted To

Today’s Xenoblade Chronicles X tweets by director Tetsuya Takahashi once again touched upon the mechs (called “Dolls”) in the game. Takahashi set aside talk of the game’s art staff to speak a little bit about the Dolls this morning.

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N4g_null1440d ago

Must be nice! Can't wait to play it. Nfc toys would be so sweet with this game!

pcz1440d ago

lol seriously? i dont think this game is for children

N4g_null1440d ago

I wonder who is buying all of these toys?

I don't know many kids with $100s worth of toys on display. Surly you have never seen a toy in a developers office?

Who said anything about kids.

wonderfulmonkeyman1440d ago

It's not, but the Shulk Amiibo is a given for unlocking extra content in it.

pcz1440d ago

i know some people like to collect and display those sort of things for games and movies but thats not my sort of thing.

i would also question if they were 'toys'. i would call them figures/statues. since a toy is something you interact with. its not very interactive if its just stood on a shelf or in a glass cabinet, is it.

sure, xenoblade statues would be cool, but im not sure i would buy them. the only way i would buy one is if one came as part of a limited edition with the game.

N4g_null1440d ago

Just because you are not playing with it doesn't mean it is not a toy. Just because you don't interact with money doesn't mean it isn't money.

You seem to be hung up on adult trappings. Adults have many toys. Toy is not exclusive to kids. Lamborghini are toys and many things can be put in glass cases. That doesn't change what they are.

Toy designers are helping make the "doll". Dolls are toys also.

eworthington01440d ago

When I read that, I immediately thought of mario shooting down a giant red monkey and it made me smile a bit.

Amigaengine1440d ago

This and Zelda make 2015 a win.

Djkmilo1440d ago

Devils third and Splatoon say hi

WeAreLegion1440d ago

And Yoshi's Whooly World!

Summons751440d ago

Sprinkles make the ice cream better my friend =]

Amigaengine1440d ago

On my list. Might pre-order Splatoon as it looks fantastic.

as good as 2014 has been for U/gamers 2015 looks even better.

Ck1x1440d ago

This is one of my GoTY's for 2015!

Djkmilo1440d ago

all we need is a Chibbi Robbo Wii U

Majin-vegeta1440d ago

This and Pokken fighter will be my motivation to get a Wii U.

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The story is too old to be commented.