GAME releases free video game about shopping - Christmas Shopper Simulator

In order to get customers in the mood for the holiday season, it appears that UK-based video game retailer GAME has released a free video game about shopping.

The game in question is aptly titled Christmas Shopper Simulator, and is an obvious parody of the similarly ridiculous and popular Goat Simulator. It was developed in collaboration with Freakstorm Games and is available from’s website for both PC and Mac platforms.

According to the game’s trailer, Christmas Shopper Simulator allows players to “buy things,” “turn left,” and “look at a tree” among other seemingly amusing shopping activities.

Furthermore, GAME's press release states that the game offers "15 minutes of fun, complete with 100% more escalators than FIFA.”

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hazelamy2354d ago

hey, if it's free i'll try it.

DesertFoxJr2354d ago

Free is free, doesn't mean it has to be good. But it's free, haha.