DriveClub's Challenges are back online

DriveClub's challenge system has been re-enabled, allowing players to send time trials to friends and rival clubs.

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badz1491418d ago

The only night I'm not playing and this happens? Feels like getting out of bed now and grab that controller!

URNightmare1419d ago

Awesome! Time to get back. I still have Destiny and Shadow Of Mordor unplayed. So many games not enough time.

Eonjay1419d ago

I suppose this means that after more testing, the PS+ Version will go live.

brew1418d ago

They might as well wait until after the weather update to leave the best possible impression on people.

Krakin11418d ago

You need to go into marketing my friend

Ripsta7th1418d ago

By that time people that wanted the game would have alredy bought it used or throygh cheap discounts. The rest will modt likely forget

nirwanda1418d ago

I've got a feeling it may be free for everyone for the 12 deals of Christmas.

mt1418d ago

I think this is the last challenge that will go live.

Dudebro901419d ago

Better late than never I guess.

tlougotg1419d ago Show
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The story is too old to be commented.