Eidos Montreal announces new-gen Dawn Engine

Eidos-Montréal today announces the Dawn Engine, their new, state of the art game engine that will be the cornerstone to the development of the Deus Ex Universe projects at the studio.

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NerdStar71503d ago

They could have gone more in-depth, simply saying very basic stuff doesn't do anything for me.

hiredhelp1503d ago

It does for me it coss alot make new engine going into new Gen this much needed im looking forword see this and next deux.

Mr_cheese1503d ago

Would really like to see another thief done using this engine.

Strange thought but if it was ever possible, imagine if naughty dogs made thief.

Nwah1503d ago

If naughty dog made a Thief game it would be less of a stealth game and more of a take cover here to hide from the bad guys in a cinematic fashion game. Not that I have anything against ND, I love Uncharted. But wasn't Th4if bad enough?

Mr_cheese1503d ago

I was hypothetically dreaming but... assume that naught dog would take the thief franchise and give it all of the last of us mechanics? But when I think about it, I like to see them completely, not so much redefining it, but giving it award winning life again and yes, cinematic experience would be part of that package.