GamesRadar Ultimate Character Battle! - Day 1

GamesRadar writes:

"It's an argument that's dominated schoolyards for millennia: If you were to somehow pit Fictional Character X against Fictional Character Y, who would win? And nowhere is that argument fought more frequently, or with more passion, than on the internet. In the interest of finally jumping on that old bandwagon, we've put together our own massive tournament to determine - once and for all - the greatest videogame character of all time.

Our scientific methods were to have our entire staff call out names as we wrote them on a giant whiteboard, after which we wrote all the names down on little scraps of paper and stuck them in a hat. Then, a shadowy cabal of elite GamesRadar editors met in absolute secrecy to draw out the names and have a free-form discussion to determine the likeliest (or, failing that, the most amusing) outcome for each scenario. From now through Thursday, we'll be chronicling the results, beginning with 64 characters today and continuing until there's just one left. Let's begin!"

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Anis3814d ago

Your favorite character will probably get treated unfairly. Funny though...

socomnick3813d ago

lol I enjoyed both Sephiroth and Cloud getting pwned because they are feminine emos.