Tales from the Borderlands Episode 1: Zer0 Sum Review - Pixel Related

Tales from the Borderlands marks a nice change of pace for Telltale Games. Both of their previous standout efforts of The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us have been pretty straight laced, almost completely composed of suspenseful twist, and moments of heart-wrenching drama. Naturally, taking on the world of Pandora means that Telltale is now aiming for your funny bone.

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jdawg15401414d ago

I'm not a borderlands fan at all,but I loved this game from TaleTale.I laughed quite a bit as well can't wait for episode 2.

maniac761414d ago

i like borderlands,although i thought this was a actually fps game lolz.was like okay....okay...ill get to run n gun at some point dayz,but i thought it was a neat action puzzle game thingy sure i seen walking dead in this style of gameplay puzzle thingies aswell.