The best XBox One Themes out there right now

For the uninitiated, you’ve been able to customize your background on the Xbox One since the November update. Here we’ve gathered some of our favorites we’ve seen. Special thanks and credit due to the fine users over on the Xbox Themes subreddit, all users are credited below their images and linked directly.

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Askanison41416d ago

I like the approach here of leaving the center kind of blank. Hopefully some achievement art starts going this route too!

JoeMcCallister1416d ago

Yeah there are a few I found that were cool art, but the center was the focus, and it's tough to see behind the tiles.

annoyedgamer1416d ago

If the developer teams take the user suggestion and make tiles partially transparent this will no longer be an issue.

Rocky51415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

Sweet they mention me :-D (JCRocky5)

Preview :-P also shows my sunset overdrive theme.

I created the PSD, so people could make themes that match the system 1.1 without the need for an XB1.