What a 360 Price Cut Means for Wii, PS3

Five top industry analysts have told Next-Gen that they believe an Xbox 360 price drop is not only imminent, but likely required if Microsoft intends to fend off competition from rival PS3.

"We believe Sony will be forced to follow suit [with their own price cut], although we suspect they may wait a little bit," said Arvind Bhatia with Stern Agee. "A price cut sometime between July and September is possible [for PS3]."

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Condoleezza Rice3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

Doesn't make sense to do one right now,considering they're topping their direct competitor in sales.

Once the Xbox 360 starts outselling the Playstation 3 worldwide,best believe,Sony will consider a small price cut.But since this may not happen anytime soon,if ever,it's safe to say consumers will have to pay the current asking Price of the Playstation 3 to experience what the Playstation Brand has to offer this round.

Lifendz3858d ago

let these 360 guys save up to get a system that gives you as much as the PS3 does.

iamtehpwn3858d ago

would be a reallllllllllll sweet Price point for PS3.
The Consumers would eat it.

kwicksandz3858d ago

$745 is too much even for the metal gear bundle. Drop it closer to $500 and ill consider it

KimboSlice3858d ago

If you read the article completely then you noticed that pachter said that he believes that the 360 cost less than $300 to manufacture ( I agree with that) so that means that even if MS drops the price by $50 the 360 will still be producing a profit, on the other hand Sony can't afford another price drop at the moment because they will loose even more money than they already have.

This will continue to happen through out the entire lifespan of this generation (in other words: Sony will not make a profit off of the ps3 hardware ever!). Even if the ps3 manages to have a larger installed base than the 360, MS will have made more money than Sony.

Either way you look at it, it does'nt look good for sony

mistertwoturbo3858d ago

Sony hopefully will follow suit and and drop the price by $50 by holiday season. It can only mean more sales. Then they should try to get down to $299 and then cruise at that price for the next few years.

The Lazy One3858d ago

Sony should also start including a rainbow generator in all PS3's to ensure all PS3 owners always have something pretty to look at. Maybe instead of hot air it can start blowing flowers, chocolate and happiness out of it's fans too! Man... looks like sony's got it easy. After they do that just pop it in neutral and coast.

MADGameR3858d ago

Is because MS is bringing out the new 60GB X Box 360! Its too obvious.....

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bigmouth3858d ago

i see sony droping the price before the end of the year

PoSTedUP3858d ago

i dont, i dont think they'll need to if the 360 dosnt show a major boost in sales.<----thats the only reason sony will drop the price.

and i dont think this price cut will boost 360 sales that much. from what im understanding...

highdro3858d ago

sony is not doing a price cut any time soon, the ps3 has been the most expensive hd console in the market and it has cut the 360 lead even tho it had a head start and bad launch, just imagine if the lunch day was a succes by now the ps3 will be or may be over taking the 360, it might sound crazy but it is true, sony has so many things going for them in this year and next so they will not feel scared if ms had another price cut.the 360 has been £150 and it is still haveing a hard time in europe, while the ps3 is £350 and it has been outselling the 360 for a while, this post does not make sence (=_=)

Chris Hansen3858d ago

If a price drop really occurs next month, Microsoft better pray the XBOX outsells PS3 in July. Serious gg for 360 if it cant outsell the PS3 at the supposed $299 price point along with more games and better online.

Dateline NBC,
Chris Hansen

Pedo Bear3858d ago

Oh Hai guyz! What's going on in this threaaad... Oh @#$%!!!!

Chris Hansen3858d ago

@Pedo Bear

Sir, why don't you take a seat, right over there.

cmrbe3858d ago

Sony on the otherhand will do whatever is necessary to be profitable which means no likely PS3 drop until the end of the year or even next spring depending on how the market responds to the x360 price cut and its impact on PS3 sales. If PS3 sales are adversely affected then expect a PS3 drop sooner than expected.

Polluted3858d ago

I don't know if hardware profits are that high on Sony's list of priorities this gen. MS went 6 years in the console business before they turned a profit and now it's paying off. Sony will give us a price cut before Christmas. They spent all last year getting crapped on by MS and Nintendo and I don't think they liked it.

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