‘Destiny’ Grind Now More Convoluted With Exotic And Legendary Changes

INQ: Destiny appeared to have taken a giant step forward in reducing the grind with the recent 1.1 update. The grind of farming upgrade materials was significantly reduced along with the upgrade path for Exotic weapons and armor. However, Bungie revealed new details Wednesday for changes coming with The Dark Below DLC that seemingly adds in more grind for PlayStation and Xbox players in place of the ones that were taken away.

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Hereiamhereibe21466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

None of these changes please me, why the Ef didnt they just make a rarer kind of engram. Now i get to reset my Exotics (fun) then i get to either destroy some of them or wait till a designated time of the week to upgrade my preferred exotics (funner). PLUS i have to reach Level 30 before i even get to enjoy the DLC i paid more money for (funnest).

Kidmyst1466d ago

Well with AC Unity, FC4, and GTAV I have no less enticement to pick Destiny back up. I walked away after needing a break from the grinding but honestly have not missed it. Like breaking up a bad relationship. You see the light after leaving the darkness.

Freeball1466d ago

LOL This is exactly how I felt once the grind got to be too much and decided to play something else. You say to yourself, "What the hell was I thinking?!?". Destiny is the only game that I'm angry at myself about spending so much time on.

rebeljoe141466d ago

You don't need to be lvl 30 to enjoy the DLC, its all quest lvl 20 to 28. The Raid will be 28+ and Hard will be 33+

JeffGUNZ1466d ago

I hate articles like this. Bungie is raising the light level to 32, thus new weapons and gear. The other alternative could have been leaving the weapons alone and they would become useless against 30+ enemies. They are giving players the option to leave them the same or to upgrade them to stay on par with new stronger weapons. It's a good move.

Ethereal1466d ago

Thank god there is still a person out there with the ability to comprehend the changes. This is better than having a bunch of useless gear you spent hours upgrading.

DivoJones1466d ago

The ONLY gripe I can agree with is the fact that there's no benefit to upgrading a maxed out exotic vs a brand new one. I think they need to either require an exotic be maxed out to upgrade it, or give out something (be it ascendant material or whatever), or a partial xp carryover to the new version.

Beyond that, you're exactly right.. i'd much rather re-level my helm than leave it behind and deal with getting a new one and then still needing to level it up.

Queasy1466d ago

It's fine that they are raising the light levels and you have the option of staying pat.

The problem I have is completely wiping out the progress of Exotics when you upgrade. That's just hours of more grind to re-earn the perks you already earned once.

The other issue is why the introduction of Coomendations. What problem is a third level of restrictions on the use of Vanguard and Crucible Marks trying to solve exactly?

Avernus1466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

Upgrade them by re leveling them... yea that sounds fun! I can't wait to play the same lame bounties over and over again to get extra XP.

Restarting the the whole XP tree for a weapon is just a way of adding a new "layer" of gameplay, or the illusion of depth, when in reality it's just a cheap way of making people do the same crap they already did.

There's no need to restart the whole XP tree, but hey, "Destiny won't be a grind" - Bungie

I'm not going to re level my guns. So this new feature they're adding does nothing to / for me. I'll just lvl up new weapons that I get.

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fOrlOnhOpe571466d ago

Destiny. The game that was going to be all things to all gamers. Just proves that hype is the gamers biggest headache.

Christopher1466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

With the new changes:

- The only way to gain Crucible rank/marks is by doing PvP since they removed trading resources for ranks/marks. Means if you don't PvP, you can't buy 80% of the gear available in the game. They essentially removed any way for PvE'ers to have any chance to do a transfer of one mark type to another, even though with their current system it would cost 50 vanguard marks to gain 10 crucible marks (better than nothing). So, if you don't like PvP, too bad. Do it.

- That also means the only point to harvesting is to not pay for harvesting since the only point of resources is to level up gear and not trade-in to level up one of the factions. Still no chance of ever finding a legendary item from a chest since they updated legendary drop rates.

- Vanguard marks and crucible marks pretty much only serve to buy materials or an expensive way to buy weapons you already have to destroy them for ascendant material once you have all the weapons you want. Much earlier in the game for vanguard marks. So, veteran players just don't have to hunt for resources ever instead of making any changes that make it worth actually buying gear or similar things.

- Buying exotic shards are Friday and Saturday only. Hope you're available those days. Or like destroying an exotic items.

- Cryptarch takes a lot more time to level up. That means less chance at gear through that.

- Legendary drops are still beyond rare.

- The exotic updates really aren't that great. It's not really that noticeable. Even more less noticeable is starting with slightly higher attack rating but still getting to 300 with it maxed. The issue with exotics wasn't their starting damage, but the poor performance for some of them compared to easily obtained legendary gear. Leveling them up is a no-brainer, but, again, only on Friday and Saturday. The only point of it is to overcome level, it otherwise does squat.

Ethereal1466d ago

You are still basing all of this on incomplete information. The DLC hasnt even released yet. I'll weigh in once the DLC drops and we can just how everything works. I doubt the entire team at Bungie is purposely driving away their player base.

Christopher1466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

***You are still basing all of this on incomplete information.***

The _only_ thing that is based on DLC-required info is the leveling up of exotics from 30 to 32. All other elements in my post are live and in game right now. I have experienced and tested them myself.

Furthermore, they have adamantly said that the only purpose of the 30 to 32 upgrades is to overcome levels, so even that is defined as it is now.

Ethereal1466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

Exactly. I have reason to believe that when you turn in current exotics it maintains the fully upgraded stat you just have to re-level it to push it to 32 level gear. If this is not the case then they are forcing high level players to demote themselves and grind the levels back again. That makes entirely no sense considering they are upping the difficulty levels of all strikes. Other elements such as marks and such you mentioned are valid. Just trying to stimulate meaningful conversation.

Also, I will be getting my hands on the expansion this weekend at the PS experience so I will be asking these questions or investigating them myself.

Death1466d ago

I'm still taking a wait and see approach to the expansion next week before going full on depressed. Something needs to change though if they want people to keep playing the game. I've been playing pretty regularly since launch and am starting to get bored. I don't mind grinding as long as there is a reward. Grinding for the sake of grinding has never been my thing.

KwietStorm1466d ago

Who the hell traded in valuable resources for rep in the first place? They didn't give you squat for it. You were always better off playing crucible, even if you don't like it. I think everyone knows you get better equipment just by playing the game than by buying it anyway.

I don't understand the complaining about exotic upgrades. It's like polarizing your gear in Warframe. If you don't want to, then don't do it. But it doesn't in any way make it worse if you do. It's only going to be more powerful if you level it up again. And like I said, if you don't want to, then don't waste your time.

The updates to the exotics are blatantly significant. Super Good Advice is actually usable now. Thorn is a beast. It makes sense to reload the Invective. Bad Juju is viable. Monte Carlo is a viable option. Absolutely no reason to complain about any of this.

Christopher1466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

***Who the hell traded in valuable resources for rep in the first place? They didn't give you squat for it. ***

Me. At least level 3 on all factions and level 12 vanguard. Considering how flushed with materials you get just from opening things when you do patrols or similar missions, it's not hard. And, the gain was worthwhile, let alone an alternative to playing a part of the game you didn't like.

***I think everyone knows you get better equipment just by playing the game than by buying it anyway.***

Yes, but this is about being forced to play a specific part of the game. I can do all the PvE I like to do until the cows come home, but it's PvP that matters in 80% of the faction merchants. Why aren't there more PvE merchants? Why not a system that doesn't force you to play PvP if you don't like it but an option to trade gains from PvE to PvP and vice versa?

The answer is because no matter how much they sold Destiny as a cooperative PvE game, the focus of the game is on PvP. That's how they want it. That's fine if that's their goal, but it's not fine for those who were sold something completely different and will definitely affect my decision to buy any Destiny games going forward.

***The updates to the exotics are blatantly significant. Super Good Advice is actually usable now. ***

This is not about exotic balancing but overall changes to exotics as it relates to starting with higher attack power, how they are upgraded, and how you obtain exotic shards.

slazer1011466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

Okay I am officially confused. So im stuck on lvl 29 because my friends have quit playing hence no Raid. So i have to scrap my exotics and get new ones to get higher lvl now. Is this correct? Can someone explain it better for me?

EDIT: Raid not void.

Death1466d ago

Kind of. They are releasing new gear and weapons to coincide with the level cap raise. From the sounds of it you can also upgrade your existing exotics too which is actually nice. Depending on the drop rate of the new gear the changes either suck or they really suck. I think worse case if things go as south as it sounds Bungie will alter the recipe again. From the looks of it they will alter it again anyway. With the insane amount of information they get from us playing I am hopeful they can make the game better as well as worse. Only time will tell.

slazer1011466d ago

Thanks for answering Death. Much appreciated.

KwietStorm1466d ago

Make new friends who are actively playing the game, or just use sites like to find Raid groups. There are always people looking to team up in the game. Besides, there will be other ways to hit 30, if that's all you're interested in the Raid for.

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