Ubisoft announces maintenance for The Crew

The Crew will be undergoing maintenance from 4:00 PM to 4:45 PM CET

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MSBAUSTX1466d ago

Why maintain crap. just let it stink like Unity.

USMC_POLICE1466d ago

Have you played it?....No so stop any game that is not forza people bash.

MSBAUSTX1466d ago

I can bash whatever I want.

rdgneoz31465d ago

Judging from the betas, I can see why servers weren't up till release so sites could put out reviews. The one thing going for the game is the huge open world to play in (though it seemed deserted at times). Besides that, the game is average at best.

Cars look nice, though the textures for the environment are average. As IGN mentioned in their work in progress, (as with the beta) the missions are not really in line with their recommended car level. You might be over the recommended level by 20 or more and still have trouble with the races. Tons of people in the beta were complaining about the lvl 20 drag race and not being able to beat it at 60... Hell, half the time the ai opponents seem to either be over tuned or as if they have a full boost at the start (even if you over leveled for it), or get a helping hand in catching up to you if you do get the lead...

Also, "pvp" matches having no collision detection is pretty sad. You might as well be racing against ghosts.

Father__Merrin1465d ago

game was good from the beta but id rather have a game like this offline, with option to jump online

to have a driving game an outright mmo is silly, i cant picture this being popular tbh

pelida1465d ago

They need to "calibrate"