PS4 20th Anniversary Edition Unboxing

Sony's PlayStation Access YouTube channel today posted an unboxing video for the special edition 20th Anniversary PlayStation 4 system, which will be limited to only 12,300 units worldwide.

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SoapShoes1418d ago

Gosh I would love one of these! Black it is though. :(

JohnApocalypse1418d ago

Get the 20th Anniversary theme, when you open up the menu it plays the OG Playstation music

xer01418d ago

I want this so bad!
The attention to detail is incredibly nostalgic :)

martinezjesus19931418d ago

I know its not likely but I hope they sell the Dualshock 4 seperate. I wouldnt mind paying an extra 10 bucks for it

Blasphemy1418d ago

If I won one I would just put it up on ebay.

Klonoa-dreamtraveler1418d ago

its probably gonna be all gone before i get my hands on one. hopefully they atleast release the same ps1 themed ps4 for everyone that didn't get the opportunity to get one that isnt 20th anniversary edition.

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