Retro Rewind: James Bond Video Games

Super-suave secret agent James Bond's history with video games is just as extensive as the filmography. GameDaily look at his numerous video game adventures in this week's Retro Rewind.

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PoSTedUP3765d ago

watching golden eye right now <-------spike tv= bond marathon all day today.

OOG3764d ago

own the marathon anytime I want :)

Bond marathons havnt been good on tv since TBS used to have them for 2 weeks now they are crappy marathons

Chris Bosh3764d ago

I still take out my n64 once in a while and pop in Golden eye.
Still even to this day, that is the best game i have ever played!!!
And I am serious

The BS Police3764d ago

when it was a reality, but Nintendo forced Microsofts hand on pulling the plug on it.