Microsoft’s Three Step Plan to Fix Xbox One… Is Working

"Microsoft’s launch of the Xbox One could be seen as 1 of the company’s bigger hardware blunders, although definitely not on the scale of the Surface RT or Zune disasters. With Xbox One, an arrogant management team miscalculated the desires of its audience and tried to force feed them a product that appealed to few. This allowed the PlayStation 4 to take a commanding lead early on, translating to sales numbers which place a sizable gap between Xbox’s 10 million sales versus PlayStation’s 13. But that gap is starting to narrow. Or at least, grow more slowly..."

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stuna11416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

It was never the Xbox1 that was broken! It's always been the people "That were" behind the Xbox1 that were.

Now that that issue has been pretty much rectified, Phil let's make some magic happen!

Nirvana315911415d ago

They need a killer 2015 exclusive because the Halo MP reveal was extremely disappointing IMHO and they got nothing else

MaximusTKG1415d ago

Unfortunately it also had something to do with the fact that the system was not ready to be released when it was. If MS had not had to rush an announcement out to compete with Sony, they would have had more time to make possibly a better console than even the PS4. So I do agree that it was the people involved, and their impatience.

BX811415d ago

I dont either system was ready for launch. It shows in the lack of features that were only added by updates.

nix1415d ago

the overtly gigantic size of the xbox one shows that they put no time to design a box at all. it was all hurried. maybe in a year or 6 months from now they'll come with a better looking xbox.

sony spent time on their box but not on the software. it shows. all sony did was make MS hurry up everything.. unbaked. uncooked. unfinished. the rest is history.

badz1491415d ago

3-step plan to fix the Xbone?

you mean,

1. screw Kinect
2. give lots of free games
3. drop price below competitor

those 3 steps? of course it will work! it's what the gaming community has been asking since the reveal!

avengers19781415d ago

They need to keep there "temporary" price drop, permanent and they will do just fine. Unless there only goal is to out sell PS4 world wide, cause that will never happen.

ricochetmg1415d ago

Halo been dethroned since cod went postal on the industry. I would assume it has it's place but it is not what people think anymore.

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cruzngta1415d ago

The Bone is literally on fire right now and the new November sdk's have helped even more games get to 1080p. Wether you like it or not the XB1 is a very good system as is the PS4. I have both and each have there own good points but in the end they are both close in terms of what they offer and I say the gamers win in the end.

Nirvana315911415d ago

I had both but sold my xbone. Honestly didn't see a reason to keep it around

BX811415d ago

I hear you. Im that way with the ps4. I got rid of my 1st ps4. No need for it none of the launch exclusives held up. I got another one a month or so ago in anticipation of gta but I still have picked up. Hopefully the order or the witcher gives me a reason to turn it on again. Actually I might try assassins creed on ps4.

Spotie1415d ago

@BX81: LMAO, yeah, cuz we all buy consoles for the launch exclusives.

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Muzikguy1415d ago

Surface RT was a blunder? Why did they just release a Surface Pro 3 then, or is that different because of the "Pro"?

I thought about going into Best Buy singing the song

ifrit_caress1415d ago

Step 1: Fire Don Mattrick's ass
Step 2: Drop the anti-consumer DRM hogwash

MasterCornholio1415d ago

"Step 3: Deal with it"

Well I didn't know that they hired Adam Orth back. I guess they needed an expert on the matter.


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