Tales From the Borderlands Episode 1 Review {Critically Sane}

Critically Sane: "From a technical perspective, Tales From the Borderlands looks and plays as you would expect a Telltale adventure game to play. By that I mean janky animations and sometimes stuttering transitions. It doesn’t feature the more game-killing bugs that the original season of The Walking Dead did, but it also isn’t a fully smooth experience. It is a shame, but it is kind of a notable calling card of these Telltale adventures that they are just a bit janky.

But the jank is forgivable for the most part because Tales From the Borderlands is fun. Really, really fun. It is two hours of action packed hijinks with fun writing, interesting characters, and just enough of a shift to the Telltale formula that it feels fresh and exciting. I can’t wait until Episode Two releases"

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