Has Sony Done Enough For PS+ Subscribers

With the PS+ enjoying over 7.9 million subscribers, Skewed and Reviewed have posted an opinion piece asking if Sony has done enough for members and what can be done to bring more people to the service, especially when factoring in the 15 million PS4 systems sold to date.

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xHeavYx1419d ago

SMH. The title should be a statement, not a question.

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mikeslemonade1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

scissor_runner, then you are an anomaly. Obviously that's not a general consensus to even have a serious debate of Nintendo Network vs XBL vs PS Plus.

As for PS PLus goes, it's better than the two competitors. So they are doing enough. But a customer always wants more so enough is never a question.

Spotie1418d ago

scissor, based on your comment history, you would say no regardless.

As someone else said, from a consumer's standpoint, there can never be enough. Objectively speaking, however, Sony has done a helluva lot to make PS+ worth subscribing to. Games across four consoles(including the PSP), and discounts on a regular basis? None of the other console manufacturers are even close.

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WeAreLegion1418d ago

Article titles should never be questions. That's journalism 101.

Conzul1418d ago

I don't's a valid query.

My PlayStation still can't make my coffee in the morning. I thought with PS+, things might change - but alas, I am still coffee-less.

LordMaim1418d ago

Conversely, clickbait articles should always be questions.

WeAreLegion1418d ago

Haha. Excellent point, Lord Maim.

rainslacker1418d ago

There's actually a thing about that

Betteridge's law of headlines is that any headline that ends in a question mark can be answered by the word no.

Not to say that that's the actual case, just the conclusion that the article will come to.

Nice quote from Betteridge

"This story is a great demonstration of my maxim that any headline which ends in a question mark can be answered by the word "no." The reason why journalists use that style of headline is that they know the story is probably bullsh*t, and don’t actually have the sources and facts to back it up, but still want to run it"

Garethvk1418d ago

That is more for print than online. Also you can call pretty much any opinion piece click bait. Especially those with differing opinions.

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Eonjay1418d ago

Usually I would play devils advocate... but not this time:
They have given something like 300+ games since the program started. The value is beyond comprehension.

aerisbueller1418d ago

If it were a great value, it wouldn't have to be compulsory for online play.

It doesn't matter how many games it is.

Sony and MS:"Here's a bunch of free sausages since we're charging you to use your own console to play games online."

Player:"But I don't like sausage, and even if I did, I'd sooner pass on the sausage and just own an online console instead of renting one."

Fanboy:"How could you be so cruel?! Look at all they've done for us! I'm glad I get to pay for online."

Silly Mammo1418d ago

Your point is invalid because I like sausages and free ones are all the better!! Unless I've missed your point I don't see what's the problem. :0P

XtraTrstrL1418d ago

aerisbueller - "If it were a great value, it wouldn't have to be compulsory for online play."

That's a major point right there. Sony wasn't confident in PS+'s value alone to bring in the consumers, so they went the greedy paywalling MS route. There's no excuse that can make up for that or make it seem right. You are only renting the games, you don't own them. Once you let your sub run out, so do all the 'free' games. It almost makes me want to just stick to PC, or I'd go with Nintendo (if they were still competing for best all around console).

They aren't providing servers for all the games we play online, and there aren't even many games that use dedicated servers in general on console. Sony has also been extremely slow at upgrading PSN's infrastructure in general, and download/upload speeds are still pretty crappy. The messaging system is in it's own bizarre world of slow clunkiness that PS3 didn't even suffer. I can't stream or copy files to the console, that's also paywalled behind Music/Video Unlimited still.

One of the biggest promised PS+ offerings was DriveClub, then it changed to being a PS+ edition of DriveClub that doesn't include everything. Now, after the game being delayed a year, we still don't even have that. I like some of the indies on there, but most of them aren't even exclusives and can be purchased for very cheap on Steam. They definitely have to start doing better, and fast.

rainslacker1418d ago

I look at it this way myself. I am paying for PS+ for the "free" games, not the online service.

If I had to pay for the service just for online play, I wouldn't pay for it, because I am not a huge fan of online play.

If it's compulsory for online play, then people that want to play online are forced to now, but at least they get lots of games to play with it.

I personally would have preferred that Sony hadn't mandated it for online play, but I never paid for it for that purpose anyways, and i did criticize Sony for it when they snuck it into all that positive stuff they were saying at E3.

To each their own I guess.

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xer01418d ago

Ooh... that 20th anniversary model looks so damn sexy.

I want! :)

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