Too Human Opening Cinematic Parts 1 & 2

Opening Cinematic Part 1 HD
Opening Cinematic Part 2 HD

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Wildarmsjecht4902d ago

I'm not sure what's going on, but it was enough to make me want to know the story.

ISA_Scum4902d ago

No way man, this game looks horrible and that voice acting would be unbearable to get through with an entire game. Interesting story or not, terrible presentation and horrible gameplay gets no purchase from me.

Wildarmsjecht4902d ago

I don't like the way it looks, nor do I enjoy the acting. but what Ive seen of the plot is so f'ed up and weird that I just wanna read the plot line.

Rhezin4902d ago

I switched my preorder from this to Dead Space. Check out the HD trailers at AWESOME STUFF.

Shaka2K64902d ago

I think im gonna puke.