Performance Analysis: The Crew

"The question of performance has dominated the Q4 games line-up this year, with Ubisoft at the centre of controversy owing to the disappointing showing from Assassin's Creed Unity. However, the slick, polished Far Cry 4 demonstrated that the firm can get it right: a rock-solid 30fps makes all the difference, and while open-world racer The Crew isn't quite as robust overall, it's still a creditable enough showing on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4."

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yarbie10001414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

"To cut to the chase, both versions hand in fairly solid 30fps performance levels, each operating at a native resolution of 1080p. An adaptive v-sync is in play on both systems, meaning that when the engine runs over its render budget, screen-tear manifests on-screen. It isn't consistently impactful to the experience by any stretch of the imagination, but what's clear is that tearing is more frequent on PlayStation 4."

u got owned1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

Also, there is some kind of aliasing problem on both console versions, more significant on PS4 version.

the game is not a looker anyway.

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imt5581414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )


Sorry, but know.

AC Unity is broken on all platforms. You can't judge which version i better cuz it runs like shit.

COD : AW. So, what about MP on Xbone?? Compare it to PS4.

Dragon Age! Dips here and there on PS4, 1080p, slightly better effects on PS4. Anyway, game is rock solid 30 fps 95% most of time. So change dips here and there with 900p! NO!

Far Cry - What performance issue? Game is 99,5% rock solid 30 fps. Both platforms had dips here and there. Check the DF Face Off!


Already you have offtopic bubble!

Anyway, it is true that 2 different teams developed The Crew for PS4/Xbone??

gfk3421414d ago

So it's a game developed on X1 and then ported on PS4. Yea, this is just great!

"What's curious about this game is that two different studios are handling development duties. In charge of the DirectX 11 versions - PC and Xbox One - we have the game's creators, Ivory Tower. Meanwhile, THE PLAYSTATION 4 VERSION IS HANDLED BY Reflection, WORKING DIRECTLY FROM THE Ivory Tower CODEBASE."

Ju1414d ago

"runs smoother on XO" conveniently ignoring the 40% lower resolution in those cases...sure.

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Lenrulesdaworld1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

Its could possibly be xbox one latest sdk update in november, this ain't 2013 xbox. It really does feel like a completely different system. But some one will call parity, even though the game screen tears on both. Im sure anything higher and the game would be unplayable, maybe that cpu clock increase is actually helping plus updated tools.

Besides sony's ice team just updated their sdk as well. So we'll see some difference at some point in some game again. Then all will be right with world, like some extreme fans would say "as it should be". :/

georgenancy1414d ago

'For its part, although Xbox One tears less often, very occasionally it simply drops entire frames instead.'

higgins781414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

The game with the best performance on PS4 and XB1 is the game that tears least and drops the fewest frames...erm, great? Oh well, excuse me while I get back to my 'last gen' Wii U...

Bansai1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

lol less Aliasing and less tearing on XO ? Wtf xD

Ashlen1414d ago

Your summary isn't accurate to what was said. You only told and the negative of PS4 and cut off what they actually said mid sentence to make the PS4 version look bad.

For its part, although Xbox One tears less often, very occasionally it simply drops entire frames instead.

Also acroding to the article, the PS4 has a larger draw distance as well as better anti-aliasing.

That's what was skipped in your summary.

randomguy351414d ago

My point exactly!!! If you gonna give a quote/summary of something at least give the whole thing not an excerpt.

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higgins781414d ago

This, THIS is the type of game and performance people were lauding it over Nintendo for 1 year on in their consoles (PS4/XB1) life cycle...give me a break! Seems to be Sony and Microsoft need to up their game if they want history to remember them for anything more than sales and numbers rather than games and quality...probably they dont.

Spotie1414d ago

Pretty sure this is a developer problem, and has little to do with the hardware. But keep ranting about your precious Wii U. I'm sure somebody will care..

randomguy351414d ago

Wow another fanboy only states problems with ps4 games but clearly negates the xb1 issues..very original bro.

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hello121414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

Devs have commented on Neogaf over the last year that Sony can be very slow to release SDKs for devs, it may be the reason the PS4 is staggering at times. Sony is also slow updating their console with new features, i don't believe anyone should be shocked by this comment. Microsoft on averages release new SDK's to devs every two months to three months. Microsoft tools are improving at faster rate.

A faster CPU is going to have better performance. Its not just 8% or 10% to the clock you get a boost across the 12 CU's for xb1 too by boosting the clock. The GPU clock is also faster on x box 1. Performance is the 1 area xb1 can beat PS4 and it be interesting to see what happens when directx12 arrives.

Raw graphical performance PS4 clearly will win every time. Even though i think x box 1 colours look better, preference really.

[email protected] You like MR x or something you keep mentioning him every post you make? Just hook up go on a date, enjoy.

Neogaf- i read it there a dev commented on it a few months. That Microsoft was faster with SDK's Sony was slow with there's.

I would have to crawl through pages of text and i can't be bothered, but what i told you is true. Take it or leave doesn't bother me.

MasterCornholio1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

"Microsoft on averages release new SDK's to devs every two months to three months. Microsoft tools are improving at faster rate. "

Do you have a link to a more credible source or did you get it from Mr.Xs blog again?


So where's the link? Just post a link to the topic and I'll find information myself.

"That Microsoft was faster with SDK's Sony was slow with there's."

I read the opposite where Microsoft was sloppy with their SDK updates which caused a lot of Xbox One games to have issues in the beginning. I really dont know which one is true but I know that both Sony and Microsoft have good SDKs.

CernaML1414d ago

Every. Single. Post.

All you ever do is total damage control. The fact that you care so much over this shows that the PS4 being the better console spec wise really gets under your skin.

the_dark_one1414d ago

i really dont understand you. when is ps4 with the 50% more power it doesnt matter, when is xbox one with 10% more cpu and a bit faster RAM it makes all the difference in the world. sony is working their ass off on the next SDK, and what was shown is going to make it freeing even more power from ps4, but that doesnt matter to you cause is ps4 and not xbox one

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