Playstation Experience Rumour Rundown (Part 2)

The Playstation 4 has managed to maintain its $399 price point even if its competition has lowered the price substantially. The Playstation 4 has still sold more units than the Xbox One but the gap between the two systems is shrinking. While the Xbox One is closing in expect Sony to hold out for a little longer due to the releases of The Order:1886 and Bloodbourne in early 2015, with that in mind do not expect a price drop at the Playstation Experience.

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TheLyonKing1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

All I need to be happy is:

Last Guardian re-reveal
Info on SE new rpg
KH 3 info maybe
updates on games we already know are coming out e.g. bloodbourne etc

A ice touch would be shenmue or crash but I am just looking forward to celebrating 20 years of being a PlayStation fan :)

edit: Also the author says the sales gap between the two are shrinking.
I assume he means in America because it's only increasing worldwide

Jaqen_Hghar1412d ago

that's...a lot of stuff. Hopefully you can be happy with a little less.

TheLyonKing1412d ago

I think if at least 2 of the 4 aren't talked about and at least 1 of the others i thouched on would make the confrence pretty poor (thats ust in my eyes)

You don't throw a big party without some suprises.

tlougotg1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

All i need is what i already know is happening and two more reveals....

Showing of Uncharted 4 game play alone is enough for me and meltdowns will come. Add to that more Bloodborn coverage which beta was awesome!!!! and they have a win. No Mans Sky and oh they are putting icing on the cake and if they show some more "Wild" game play itll be epic for me. Plus i know at least two unknown unveilings will happen so this conference wont let me down.

Morpheus (which i will not doubt get if its priced at around 300) is just added bonus
Capcom surprise
Indie surprises

Ps2 emulation is pretty easy as its been done on computers for awhile, due to ps3 cell even high end computers cant properly emulate ps3 games and will definitely not be possible on ps4.

spacedelete1412d ago

it would make sence to announce ps1 emulation for ps4 now its 20th anniversary.

Jaqen_Hghar1412d ago

That would be an amazing edition to PS4's repertoire and shouldn't be THAT difficult considering the relative power. A man has seen many people who know much more than himself about this kinda stuff say that PS2 emulation should be relatively easy as well.

jamal10001412d ago

I highly doubt they will announce that since the Playstation Now service will be capable of PS1 emulation. If PS1 emulation on PS4 is a selling point they should keep it exclusive to PS Now on PS4.

medman1412d ago

I would be happy with release dates for No Man's Sky and Rime, with more info on Wild shared. I would like to see God of War and at least one new AAA exclusive reveal, followed by gameplay trailer for Uncharted 4. That would make my Christmas very merry indeed.