Infinite Undiscovery covers revealed

Square Enix has revealed the North American and European covers of Infinite Undiscovery.

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Heaven_Or_Hell3762d ago

Really Nice
The american is far better to me

Mr Fancy Pants3762d ago

mark my words this game it's going to be a flop.

tojfs79313761d ago

That they are giving the american cover a more darker tone than the european version.

meepmoopmeep3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

very nice, i like the american one better.
i just don't like the the banner and green that borders the case of 360 games though.

KeiulZen3762d ago

yeah, that brightly green border really takes away from the mood the cover art is displaying

meepmoopmeep3762d ago

yeah, xbox zealots won't like to hear this, but that green casing is butt ugly and doesn't match any decor. and i agree, the color takes away from the cover art.

but it's a psychological marketing decision to have it really bright to catch the eye easier, but for the home, i might go out and buy blank black dvd cases to swap them in.

kwicksandz3762d ago

Yeah the green cases dont look great. But PS3 cases dont fit in DVD racks! both have downsides imo

tojfs79313761d ago

Why they are sticking with the green look for xbox anyway. the console is white. I could see them doing it for the original xbox but not now.

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LaChance3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

My most anticipated game of 2008 with Geow 2.
BTW really love the art design , cant believe some people hate it.I know it goes down to perssonal taste but still...Infinite is looking BEAUTIFUL.

Darkiewonder3762d ago

US boxart for me.

The head getting cut off isn't that good looking ;o

masterofpwnage3762d ago

looks nice

but is it me
or does the gameplay looks like LO or any 360 jrpg thats not aiming for the anime look.

dont kno if im getting this but im getting whiteknight and finalfanstasy

maybe starocean but i have to wait if it becomes mlti because i like rpgs on my ps3.

power of Green 3762d ago

That sh*t doesn't even make any sense.

but is it me
or does the gameplay looks like LO or any 360 jrpg thats not aiming for the anime look."

The JRPG's on the 360 have ,many different artstyles and gameplay types. lol

LaChance3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

Dont get me wrong ok , dont want to sound like a blind fanboy or whatever but HOW ON PLANET EARTH CAN YOU THINK WKS looks better than Infinite?

Have you seen the trailers and screenshots of both games ?????????

Im now saying WKS looks bad BUT compared side to side to Infinite, Infinite looks a 1000 times more interisting , polished, appealing etc.

To me this game is the best looking JRPG to EVER be announced on 360 (excluded Star Ocean 4 of course).
To me this tops LO , BD, Eternal Sonanta and Tales Of Vesperia (of course Im only saying this according to the trailers since I havnt played it yet.)

edit : You know what ? Go to and watch WKS trailers then watch Infinite trailers and I challenge you to find in what WKS looks more appealing than Infinite.

Once again , Im not saying this in a mean way , but go have a look and come back so I can see your arguments.

masterofpwnage3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

i always look at the whiteknight gameplay and that game is the shiit.

graphics is better, gameplay is new and looks ko and also u can create ur own character and ur companions
common name one rpg that lets u custamize ur companion
(not so sure on conpanions though, i saw a gameplay and one of them tirned to a old guy to a young bald guy)

dude u wat seen 3 gameplay of this game common and 2 trailesr,and there both like wat 1/2 years old wtf
and the screens are from wat old trailers

and i ve seen many Infinite gameplay and its alright


it looks fun. i like every kind of rpg
how the fuk u gonna say its infinite looks better then white imean wtf
white knight beats all rpgs that 360 have graphic whise

it beat LO which i have

pog that does make sense

infinite looks like LO and other jrpg for the 360 thats not aiming for the anime style.

anime style means etornal and tales
dum @ss

Obama3762d ago

WKS owns this title in every aspects as it is developed by the legendary Level 5. I bet Lachance and Pog don't know a thing about jrpg. Do you people even have a ps2? XD

soul899er3762d ago

whatever LaChance, White Knight Story Kicks Infinite Undiscovery's @ss! x]

power of Green 3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

I dissagee I did not mention WKS because I thought you just liked its gameplay better or something" but saying WKS looks good was the last straw.

I actaully came in here to defend you and I was going to reply to "Lachance" in your defence saying maybe "masterofpwnage" was not talking about the White Knight Story's graphics.

I don't really see one jumping out ahead.

masterofpwnage3762d ago

actually i was talking about the gameplay
but lachance the dum @ss made fun of white kights graphics

Bladestar3762d ago

power of Green owned you all with actually proof... IU wins hands down in terms of graphics... ohh and about Gameplay... do you own both to tell which one is better?

masterofpwnage3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

i give the first one to infinite
but the second and 3rd goes to whiteknight

dude the 3rd pic for infinite looks like a ps2 graphic


bladestar how the fuk did he own us by showing us white knight looks better wtf.



here judge for urself

i for one like both devs and buying both but i dont kno about u

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