New EA Access game to be announced 'soon'

A new game will be announced for EA's subscription service EA Access "soon", the publisher has revealed.

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VforVideogames1504d ago

In the article they did not include or mention Peggle 2 on their list but is there to play too, I hope they give us Dead Space.

yarbie10001504d ago

Wonder if they'll announce EA Access for PS4. They should- awesome deal. Shame Sony told them no originally

famoussasjohn1504d ago

I would assume Sony is still going to say no to it. The program hasn't changed from what Sony originally denied so why would they change their mind on it now?

bmf73641504d ago

A bunch of EA games were released for PS Now. I doubt that EA is holding against Sony for EA Access.

Volkama1504d ago

They've seen the positive reception of the service.

famoussasjohn1504d ago

Volkama - I wouldn't think that would change Sonys mind as Sony was saying it was bad for consumers when it was first announced.

yarbie10001504d ago

"No Thanks - More Options for my console and for gamers in general is a bad thing" /s

troylazlow1504d ago

Yah, why would you want more options on a console? Why have choice?

IMO Sony made a mistake by disregarding this as valuable option.

I for one am looking forward to new games added to the Vault.

LAWSON721504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

You would not be saying that if you rented BF4, PvZ, and Peggle 2 for a month and got to try 6 gameplay hrs in DAI when you are unsure of the purchase and then when you are save $5 on it, all for $5.

When Battlefront 3 or ME are coming out and I get another month for $5 it will probably have even more games I get to play while getting to play one of those games early.

Those who argue this services value are non-existent have not used it or did not get to try a game early or already had all the games.

LordMaim1503d ago

@yarbie1000, @troylazlow, @LAWSON72:

I'm not sure how you can consider EA Access on any platform "More options" when in fact it's quite the opposite.

I can pay $4.99 a month to save $6 on new games that I purchase digitally. I might come out ahead if I bought every EA game that was released when it was new and full price, but I'd also not be able to sell them, or trade them in towards another game, or lend them to my friends. You'll gain access to a few older games while you maintain your subscription, but in reality that also serves to take the bottom out of the used game market for those titles. The only person who comes out ahead in this scenario is EA.

That's actually paying for the privilege of submitting to the original Xbox One DRM strategy. The only way this would be a good deal would be if it were folded into the existing Games with Gold plan rather than layered on top of it.

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fermcr1504d ago

Hey EA! What about a single player game?

... and why not release this service for the PC?

Volkama1504d ago

Still surprised they haven't got it on the PC yet. The PC vault would be something else. They have their own platform, so what is stopping them?

LAWSON721504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

DAI says hi, the co-op MP takes nothing away from the massive SP experience.

n4rc1504d ago


Ufc is a maybe as well...

bleedsoe9mm1504d ago

very likely all the dlc is done and it was under 10$ on black friday , good giveaway to sell the dlc .

Volkama1504d ago

Only reason I guess UFC is that I'm not sure they're allowed to do Titanfall. The EA Access 10% discount never applied to Titanfall or the content packs, so I suspect the deal they have with Microsoft is somewhat complicated.

ShowanW1504d ago

It's more than likely going to be UFC...

But Titanfall would certainly bring in more people...

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