The Effects of DDoS attacks in Gaming Industry, Good or Bad?

SegmentNext - So, what do you think about these DDoS attacks happening one after another? Are they good or bad for our gaming industry?

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user38319101466d ago

If it is on companies that abuse the fanbase ea cough. Then it is good. But don't f**k over the game servers that gamers play on

vishmarx1466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

bad. period.
no one deserves this stuff to happen to them , not ea and not even ubisoft.
speak through your wallet but dont wish for people to lose their jobs just over some noobs vying for attention that have nothing better to do with their life ,
all this because you dont happen to like their games or policies

Jdoki1466d ago

There is no good here.

The people punished are not the publishers - it's the players.