Top 10 Best Selling Video Games Ever

Gaming Worm says:
here are many games which are not for Next-Gen Console or for High End PC. So don’t be mad in comments if your favourite game is not in Top 10 Best Selling Video Games list.

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Geobros1416d ago

I didnt know Tetris was first....

RosweeSon1415d ago

Bundled in with original Gameboy and that sold 100 million+ ;)

troylazlow1415d ago

Then available on Nes, SNES, N64, PS1, PS2, PS3, xbox, xbox 360, android, iOS, Cell phones in the 2000's, handheld versions you can pick up at the dollar store, I have even seen Tetris scratch cards! So yah, I can believe it.

Alsybub1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

Interesting that only three of the games on the list aren't made by Nintendo.

I knew that Tetris had been the top selling game of all time for many years but I am a little surprised to find that it's still the case.

Perjoss1415d ago

The PC version of GTA V could easily push it to 5th place, maybe even 4th.

Perjoss1415d ago

Well it only needs around 1.5 mil for 5 place, the 6.2 mil for 4th place might be a stretch yeah.

Hamzaali1415d ago

why you put Gta v on 6th number , in my opinion gta v would on 4th num xp as wel i like this game

ReturnToSanity1415d ago

Because it's not about what you like better, it's about what sold better.

Hamzaali1415d ago

Yeah , you are right .. i was just asking

kwandar1415d ago

I was surprised Smash Bros wasn't on that list, and that Wii Play was (ahh that's right - pack in with controller).