Five not-so-obvious games to get for kids

The gift-giving season represents a perfect opportunity to introduce kids to video games and here are a few not-so-obvious choices

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SonZeRo1412d ago

Im not so sure about The crew as inter-peoples aren't known for being very nice. Civ is good, but maybe still abit violent. I totally agree with the dancing and sports games but sports are meant to be physical and so should be enjoyed the way they were before consoles and pc's came around (unless ofcourse you aren't capable of doing real sports).

traumadisaster1412d ago

What about after an entire Saturday of sports and now it's dark and rainey? Fun to be had indoors with move and kinect for my kids.

Better than vegging out watching a Disney movie.

lord zaid1412d ago

I always get annoyed with people that say sports should be outdoors only, as sport video games and actual sports are mutually exclusive. You can do both.

Sillicur1412d ago

If i had a kid, i would get him Minecraft :)

Saryk1412d ago

My 4 year old has it, doesn't play it, watched Minecraft videos until one of the videos cursed , now he cant watch videos. Still doesnt play Minecraft. But Star Wars Battlefront 2, he does play, a lot. Maybe when he gets a little older he will play Minecraft. My 13 year old does plays a lot of Minecraft.