Review: Rugby 15 Is A Hot Mess | EGMR

EGMR writes: "Rugby 15 is a game that was sprung on A-G and I around rAge 2014 time. We had a good laugh at it, and thought no more of it for a while, until we got the full game to review. I had to volunteer for this – partially out of morbid curiosity, because I wanted to see if it really could be as bad as what we’d seen earlier this year.

It is."

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reddevilandy101417d ago

Goodness, I had a good laugh at this review.

CataclysmicDawn1417d ago

Glad I could provide some amusement :D

redknight801417d ago

Do you reckon most of these issues can be fixed/improved upon by the 2/10/15 PS4 release date?

CataclysmicDawn1417d ago

I severely doubt it. The game's broken, but its mechanics are also flawed. If there was to be a patch to fix all the issues, it would be like downloading a whole new game.

redknight801417d ago

Shoot, that is what I feared. Thanks for the input, Sir! One of these years we will get a decent Rugby game...yes?? YES?!