God Of War Director Praises The Order: 1886 Visuals, Jokes About Getting Depressed By Them

GearNuke: "Cory Barlog says that seeing the visuals of The Order: 1886 made him depressed like Hideo Kojima."

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Abash1506d ago

Damn I just want to see the latest build of The Order already, Friday can't come soon enough

SniperControl1505d ago

Is there going to be some sort of stream of the event?

Transporter471505d ago


bouzebbal1505d ago

You can watch the PS Experience on Saturday on PS Twitch channel.
The Order is shaping up to be a beast.. My most anticipated title of beginning 2015.

Forn1505d ago

The Game Awards will have a new trailer of The Order on Friday.

Lord-Nicon1505d ago

Let's hope the game is as good as its graphics.

medman1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

Let's hope the game is as good as it's moustaches.

Ps4andxb11505d ago

Great visuals do not make a great game.

Proven time and time again throughout gaming history.

fdkenzo1505d ago

Agree with you, but i have full faith in the studio....
I am shure that the game will deliver a great story, greath graphics and i hope that wee have a solid gameplay....

WeAreLegion1505d ago

I agree, but I actually really enjoyed the gameplay from that first demo. I went through that line like five times. Haha. I don't quite understand the complaints.

bouzebbal1505d ago

People criticized TLoU's gameplay.. Haters will keep hating, and we enjoy the games. It's fine with me!
I played the demo at Gamescom and i loved it and i restarted it regardless of the line behind me :D
Loved the termite gun.

monkeyDzoro1505d ago

Ikr. I tried it also at ParisGAmesWeek.
I was intrigued when I went to because of all the complaints and criticism. But once I finished the demo the first time, I secretly launched it another time to play it again. XD
I didn't noticed anything to be worried about. I didn't understand the cmplaints either

opoikl1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

The way I see it, the less hype an exclusive game garners in the current climate of fanboyism, the higher its chances are to be embraced by review sites. The opposite of course has been proven to be true the last few months.

To me it seems that most reviewers nowadays enter a new game from the perspective of the public opinion. GT5 and Driveclub for example were going to change or at the least uplift the driving scene according to word of mouth and both got extremely harsh reviews, while Forza Horizon 2 seemed to have popped out of nowhere and got praised to the heavens. I haven't played the latter myself, but I've spent hours upon hours with the offline portions of GT5 and Driveclub and both are brilliant driving games, especially with a Thrustmaster T500RS.

skwidd1505d ago

Yea, PS4andXbox1 does not make sense. The article is saying "Hey, it has great graphics!" To which PS4andXbox1 says "That's not what makes a great game". Do you see his insecurity? Looks pretty obvious.

skwidd1505d ago

Yea, because you're obviously just enjoying the game. People that whine sometimes just don't want the experience they are given so they start giving criticism when they could just be quiet because the game is simply not for them.

The Order looks great to me so far. We haven't seen much so there's not much to comment on or criticize.

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Bloodjunkie1505d ago

It is not necessery to tell it again and again and again ...

MasterCornholio1505d ago

There's countless examples of a game having great graphics and gameplay.

WeAreLegion1505d ago

Whoa whoa whoa...

You're telling me we can have both?!?

MasterCornholio1505d ago


Yes Legion we can have both.

Here's an example of a game that will probably have both.

The Witcher 3.

I rest my case.

OB1Biker1505d ago

Sounds like saying 'the rain is wet' or the like.
I do agree with you IMO a great game needs to have great graphics, great story and be fun/compelling to play
I think/hope the Order will incredibly compelling once I pick up the controller

cannon88001505d ago

@ Ps4andxb1

Bad visuals also do not make a great game :P

That is also proven time and time again throughout history.

LordMaim1505d ago

Nope, but they sure can make a great game epic.

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Inzo1505d ago

Im actually hoping someone would praise the gameplay.

Kingdomcome2471505d ago

What takes the visuals crown in everyone's opinion? This or UC4?

Fishy Fingers1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

Bit early days to make an informed decision (especially with U4). We'll have a better idea after the PS Experience.

More important, we already know Uncharted can deliver on the visuals AND gameplay. The Order still has a bit to prove on that front.

bouzebbal1505d ago

it's RAD's first game on a home console (apart from Okami port for Wii) and the graphical achievement so far is mindblowing. U4 will end up winning the best looking game crown but The Order might be a very close second.
Makes me wonder how their next game would look like when this is their first one!!

Imalwaysright1505d ago

The art style in both games is vastly different. I can see some people saying that Uncharted looks better and some people saying that The Order looks better.

Tontus1505d ago

The Order will probably look better. It's not full 1080p and it's locked at 30fps which allows them to push visuals harder. UC4 is going to be full 1080p and they're aiming for 60fps so it's unlikely to look as good.

Then again, it's the more popular game that normally wears the crown so it'll be UC4. For e.g. God of War: Ascension looks better than TLoU but the latter gets more praise for its visuals. And Gears of War: Judgment looks better than Halo 4 but the latter gets more praise for its visuals.

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