8 Mind-Blowing Video Games That We Can’t Stop Playing

GamingStairs: Here we are with the list of 8 mind-blowing video games that we can’t stop playing. Check out the most addictive games List.

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Stupid1416d ago

Skyrim and The Spec Ops were the games

johnh1416d ago

Skyrim is like a music album that has a few tracks that you aren't particularly fond of, but rest of the music is pure aural blliss that you can't help but think of the album as close to perfection as possible.

King-u-mad1415d ago

I can't help but feel that Morrowind is still the best elder scrolls game. Since I continuously go back and play it both on my original xbox and PC. Un modded... Where as with skyrim, i have to play it modded or else it's a dull experience for me.

Neixus1416d ago

I find Spec Ops really overrated on various forum boards, sure the story and how they presented it was pretty good.

But the gameplay is as dehumanized as the game says how war is, it's pretty bad.

Amazingmrbrock1415d ago

They did that on purpose. The gameplay was supposed to be a little janky, its part of the game being a genre deconstruction.

jamesphil1416d ago

Where is Harvest Moon? That game seriously sucks my time away

Gamingchange1416d ago

I love the walking dead! it is the best game i have ever played

Dreaming-Art1416d ago

Haven't put much time into any of those games and don't plan on going back to any of them.

Hamzaali1416d ago

but why you are saying this? i mean what you wanna say from your comment?

filchron1416d ago

that those games arent really that good.

1nsomniac1416d ago

I agree 'some' great games but overall the list is very poor almost satirical.

Hamzaali1415d ago

yeah this is , but its not about what you think its about what people think , what gamers think , what devolpers think , got it?

1nsomniac1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

No I don't really 'got it' at all. It's an article supposedly written about & self titled 'mind-blowing' games however it's completely ignoring the 'mind blowing' element...

Of course it's an opinion piece but again the bad journalism here is that it not only lists a variety of standard & in some cases out-right low scoring/acheiving games it doesn't at all explain as to why these are even considered as 'mind blowing'.

Just another example of the fact that any old idiot can post stuff on the internet with no explanation of any of their statements...

mujahidh421416d ago

I am glad that Assassins Creed, Spec Ops and Heavy Rain are included to the list. Here are some games that I think that shood have been on this list Pokemon Ruby, Pirates of the Caribbean at world's end DS, The original Street Fighter, and everyone favorite Super Mario bros the nes version

Hamzaali1416d ago

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The story is too old to be commented.