Nintendo of UK Says “The Time is Now” To Buy a Wii U

Nintendo of UK has launched an online campaign with the slogan "The Time is Now" in referring to buying a Wii U.

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Rimeskeem1413d ago

I must wait for Mario Party

Metallox1412d ago

I would have said something similar if the car wasn't there. We need Hudson back.

ritsuka6661413d ago

The console is awesome, no regrets from my side.

pcz1413d ago

im waiting for a price drop

voodoochild3461413d ago

To what? 50¢? You get 2 games with the system. They had a bundle with skylanders and smash for $250! You were never getting a Wii u so stop the charade...

Patrick_pk441412d ago

In Canada it goes on clearance for $150, but you have to wait a few month, so I am waiting.

Chrischi19881412d ago

150 with no games and waiting for month :(

Not really a better deal...

pcz1412d ago

incorrect. i already have mario kart wiiu. so its only a matter of time before i buy a wiiu. i will most likely make the purchase when xenoblade 2 comes out.

i dont care if you believe me or not, it says more about you than it does about me.

£250 is too much. it is simply not worth that. lets cut to the chase- its last gen tech, and last gen tech doesnt cost 250. im not paying 'fan tax' on a system that is really worth 180 tops.

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The story is too old to be commented.