'The Crew': 15 Hours On The Open Road

Analog Addiction writes, "The term MMO (an abbreviation for Massive Multiplayer Online) is changing. Before 2014, an MMO was – bar a few exceptions – a PC only title often involving RPG elements and cooldown based combat in a gigantic fantasy open world. However, with the launch of a new console generation, and more console gamers connected to the Internet than ever before, this once PC oriented genre has found its way from its traditional roots, and onto home consoles. The Crew is one such trend bucker. It is an MMO, but there is no fantasy world and no combat. What replaces those is the United States of America in all of its entirety to explore, and a racing game. What remains from the MMO genre is random encounters with other players as you explore the U.S., and RPG elements."

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Stupid1419d ago

Nice racing game after a long time

freshslicepizza1419d ago

hopefully it gets enough players otherwise it might get boring

NathanM1419d ago

I have mostly been playing through the game single player, and it is still enjoyable.

freshslicepizza1418d ago

good to hear, id like to give it a try