Top 10 Most Graphically Demanding PC Games of 2014

The PC gaming going to mad, the requirements of games are insane. You need just $1000+ for a Graphic Card to run game better as you can avail a PS4 or Xbox One for $400. What is going on? Here are the 10 most graphically demanding PC games of 2014.

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Gamingchange1511d ago ShowReplies(4)
Dreaming-Art1511d ago

I feel like some of these should be in a poorly optimized for PC list rather than being graphically demanding....

freshslicepizza1511d ago

assassins creed unity is pitiful for performance.

gellen1511d ago

They have to state whether PC will have 60fps support thanks to last years games locking games at 30fps.

Pandamobile1511d ago

To be honest, a 30 FPS cap on a PC game is a pretty rare thing all things considered. There's just been an influx of them recently.

MatthewMk21511d ago

Spend hundreds on PC hardware to run these game, hardware that'll be obsolete next year. Or but an Xbox One or PS4.

OldDude1511d ago

Which are obsolete now. Good thinking, save a year.

Rimeskeem1511d ago

Don't forget about steam and the sales.

Pandamobile1511d ago

"hardware that'll be obsolete next year. Or but an Xbox One or PS4."

You mean the things that were "obsolete" years ago?

Better hardware existing does not mean that current setups are somehow incapable of playing games all of sudden. You can make a PC investment stretch for years if you really need it to.

Vegamyster1511d ago (Edited 1511d ago )

That's odd considering a 4+ year old GTX 480 is able to beat both consoles in WD's while underclocked, all hardware can be considered "obsolete" the moment its put out (including consoles) but that doesn't mean it still isn't capable of gaming on higher/maxed settings.

Hamzaali1511d ago

but if anyone have hobby of gaming he can afford , you dont have this hobby so you think like this

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