I Dread and Anticipate a Dragon Age Inquisition Replay

Technology Tell writes, "I’m nearing the end of my first run with Dragon Age Inquisition, over 80 hours after starting the game. It’s been a wild, wonderful ride, filled with far fewer bugs than expected. However, throughout the entire adventure, two thoughts keep rushing through my mind"

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JoeMcCallister1416d ago

Totally agree - I'm playing now and thinking about my next character already. But I'm concerned I'll do just as I did with Skyrim for a few months after release. Play one character for 100+ hours, start about 3-4 other ones but won't really dive in to one for half a year after the game comes out.

Regardless the game is incredible. I like having Far Cry to change the pace drastically too, hoping Game of Thrones isn't too similar of a political/fantasy feel that it blurs.

CourierSix1416d ago

Yeah...but it has to be done. Can't count the number of times I replayed Origins and 2, Inquisitor easily out-classing its predecessors.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

Dragon Age Inquisition is one of the best RPGs i've ever played. My only problem with it is the number of side quests. Bioware could have tied some of that content into the main story, but I still enjoy the semi-open world exploration. It's worth every minute.