Nintendo: The Classic Alternative To Modern Games

Pixel Gate UK Writes:

''Looking at the shelves of a local video game store, I began to wonder what had changed. All these new releases, all of them boasting how cinematic they are, how much of a visual delight they promise to be. All I could see were titles with guns and peoples back on the box art, and the odd sports game. While the cinematic video game experience is a wonder to behold, with the likes of Uncharted leading the way, it does beg the question of what ever happened to ‘fun’ games?''

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iplay1up21414d ago

I could not agree more with this article. Actually I picked up Darksiders 2, I know its older, but wow I like it. It reminds me of Zelda. It was $9.99 on eshop and I thought, why not. It ended up surprising me. This game may not have the most cinematic experience out there, even back when it came out, or even the best graphics for back then(it does not look bad by any means), but it is fun an keeps me wanting to play and explore, not wait for the next cut scene.

I love Nintendo's approach on gaming. Keep it fun and make it fresh. If your a gamer, and don't have a Wii U, your missing out. The system now boast the most GOTY contenders out of all 1st party games released out of all three current gen systems.

wonderfulmonkeyman1414d ago

I got Darksiders 2 on the Wii U, as well.
Though, I picked it up when it was full price, and because it was lacking the last piece of DLC that expanded on the story, it wasn't worth that price, but at $9.99, yeah, that's a good deal.
I still replay it every once in a while to this day; building up the ultimate weapon is surprisingly addictive.
It's a shame the game is so short, and it's even sadder that the series is in an uncertain flux now that it's changed hands to a new developer...
I'd love to see it continue, though.

WeAreLegion1413d ago

Darksiders II is on all platforms though. And it's one of those games the author would have been complaining about last generation.

iplay1up21413d ago

Yes it is last gen, that's why I said its older. The gameplay is not interrupted Evey 5 min for a cinematic cut scene though.

superchiller1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

Darksiders 2 is a great game, as was the first game (I own both games on PS3, 360, and PC). But using that game as an example of uniquely "fun" games on Wii U isn't a good choice; it came out on all those other systems and actually plays better on them! Eurogamer did a "face-off" between the Wii U version and the other consoles, and many features were either missing or scaled back for the Wii U version:

Nintendo clearly put all their effort into the gamepad, leaving the base Wii U console more of an afterthought, sadly. They probably felt that the gamepad alone would be an exciting enough feature, but the severely scaled back hardware for the console itself really ruined their prospects for a healthy competitor, this generation.

iplay1up21413d ago

The developers were lazy, there was no reason to scale back the Wii U visually,NFSpeed,trine 2, etc, also Assassin s Creed 4 which is inbetween last gen and current, but clearly better than last gen. Everyone knows the Wii U is far more capable than last gen.

Anyway Darksiders on Wii U came with the dlc, and the gamepad integration is really a nice touch.

higgins781414d ago

I don't need anybody to remind me of Nintendo's contribution to the videogames industry - I have owned every major Nintendo console and games since receiving a SNES plus SMW for Christmas past. Without Nintendo I would have give up on the industry a good few years ago, about the time Sony and Microsoft started looking near identical.

Concertoine1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

Xenoblade really reinvigorated my interest in new games. I still primarily play old games just because they have more of a charm to me.

WeAreLegion1413d ago

I am so tired of this crap! Fun and graphics are not mutually exclusive. You can have both!

infamous: Second Son and Sunset Overdrive are both 2014 games that are insanely fun and look incredible.

Uncharted is also fun. Very fun. Do you really think we would buy a game if it weren't at least sort of fun? Do guns eliminate fun for the author or something?

What about LittleBigPlanet 3? Dead Rising 3? FarCry 4? How are these games not fun?

I assure you fun is still very much a major focus for all publishers.

superchiller1413d ago

I totally agree, this biased opinion article is pointless. The PS4 and XB1 have plenty of enjoyable games, if they didn't no one would be buying them! There is nothing magical or unique about the Wii U, it's just a fairly weak modern console that relies heavily on a gimmick to reel people in, just like the Wii did before it.

In terms of modern games, the Wii U falls short due to its weak internal hardware and missing features. Saying that the Wii U is the only "fun" console is just ridiculous; if it were the only one like this, it wouldn't be selling so poorly, and 3rd party developers wouldn't have abandoned it.

Nintendo seems to have forgotten that people want solid, competitive hardware for their gaming needs, because they haven't put out those kinds of products in many years. Instead, they rely on gimmicks to try to set themselves apart, leaving their hardware well behind the competition. A handful of their own first party games are not enough to sustain the Wii U, sadly. They really should have put more effort into the design of the Wii U, if they wanted it to compete this generation.

higgins781413d ago

Rubbish! Yes, both PS4 and Xbox One MAY have plenty of 'enjoyable' games, but to claim if they didnt nobody would be buying them is tosh. Did both PS4 and Xbox One have AAA launch titles, no! So why so many consoles sold at launch, simple, marketing...its not rocket science. People buy what you tell them is good, like sheep - least the majority. Im sure both PS4 and Xbox One will offer many good games in time but as it stands the only real games of quality are available on last gen tech.

PixelGateUk1413d ago

Not once did the post claim the Wii u was the only fun system on the market.

gerbwmu1413d ago

I think you are right. All decent games are fun. That's why we play them and Nintendo isn't the only company making "fun games"

I do not think the author is bashing other developer's games though, as much as he is appreciating Nintendo's style and brand.

There are many different ways of describing an experience with a game. Sometimes it's the great graphics, story, game play, style, concept, what ever it is that makes you appreciate the game. Sometimes the only thing you can respond with is....."It's fun, I don't know, it's just fun" I see that response a lot with Nintendo developed games.

That could actually be a mark against Nintendo too. Other then fun there isn't much to say and I've seen that argument before.

Either way you look at it though, gaming is a hobby and suppose to be fun and there are a ton of options to find what you like which is good for all of us.

higgins781413d ago

Depends on your definition of "fun". For me, Second Son (and I have played it) was so far from fun, very vanilla. LBP3, DR3 and FC4, again - for me, definitely NOT fun. Competent yes, even above average, but I dont equate these games to fun or even escapism, just filler. With Nintendo, I play games with a true feeling of joy, pure unadulterated joy.

N4g_null1413d ago

Better yet. Instead of getting mad at the article tell us what is so much fun about the other systems? We are all gamers and I have seen and played almost all of the games during various conventions.

The problem is publishers are hooking people based on graphics not fun. The problem with this is I will always have access to better graphics in movies and pc gaming so that is not fun to me on consoles. I play consoles for game play mostly. I game solely for game play and challenges. I don't play to escape.

Also the pursuit of more powerful graphics at all cost is why console needed online aways drm to justify the cost. The wrappers and port converters might be causing the glitches in these games also.

It's best described as a pretty girl stealing your wallet while you bump into her. Graphic are a distraction until you have mastered said game if it offers a real challenge. It's like people not understanding why you can't pickup the ball in soccer. It would not be the same game.

Any one that plays for the challenge has seen games become horrible easy and almost not worth bothering with.

So the question is why do you play? Why are these opinions wrong when we possibly play for different reasons?

PixelGateUk1413d ago

'While taking part in mass battles in the likes of Call of Duty or Battlefield is a thrilling experience, '

'While the cinematic video game experience is a wonder to behold, with the likes of Uncharted leading the way'

Not once did the post claim those games aren't fun. At least bother to read things before making comments about the author

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gerbwmu1413d ago

For better or for worse, Nintendo does their own thing. It is a different approach currently then the other major players in gaming and it is probably hurting them right now because they are not the cool kids.

They have a history of making my favorite games though and as long as they keep producing quality products then I will continue to support them.

PixelGateUk1413d ago

Judging by some comments there's a assumption the post claims non Nintendo games aren't fun. Not sure how you'd reach this conclusion given there's Praise for modern games in the post.

Anyone with any common sense can distinguish the fact there's many types of 'fun' to be had from various genres and media. I can have fun playing Alien Isolation, but it's a utterly different type of fun that I'd get from something like Smash Bros. I didn't think this needed explaining, but apparently some people just look to take issue with anything!