Stardock CEO Brad Wardell Once Again Targeted By Gaming Media

An article stating that Brad Wardell, CEO of Stardock, has been harassed by Jim Sterling.

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Amuro1419d ago

they are literally bullying him and there is no white knight to go save him. Everyone from Zoe Quinn to certain IGN people, Jim Sterling, etc. are insulting, mocking and everything. It's crazy how far these social justice warriors are willing to go. They vilify anyone who's opinion don't align with theirs.

OokuChicken1419d ago

I know right. Even after the charges were considered to be false, they still use them against him.

-Foxtrot1419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

Oh attacked by Zoe mean the same woman who just recently said that GamerGate has "destroyed peoples life's"

Accusing someone of rape when they haven't can destroy a mans life...what a bloody hypocrite and yet there is people still trying to spin things in her favour and telling us she's still the victim.

OokuChicken1419d ago

If you Google his name, those rape accusations still appear pretty early in the search results.

Dark_Overlord1419d ago

I reckon Brad should open a libel case against each of them, they seem sooooooooo convinced he did it, and constantly bring it up. Watch them all run with their tails between their legs when they know the trouble they'll be in for lying again.