FIFA 09 debut gameplay video

Here's over a minute-and-a-half-lasting gameplay video of EA Sports' upcoming FIFA 09, to be released this October as per usual. The video originally appeared courtesy of France's PSM3 magazine, but was cut-through with interview and talk, full of information that flooded the internet a couple weeks back. Here's only the shakycam, but nevertheless first gameplay moments as recorded by PSM3.

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alle283762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

Looks exactly the same as 08.. but the quality wasn't that great on the vid

Winter47th3762d ago

The pic's EPIC, those two seem to enjoy their time 'connecting' lol.

Harry1903762d ago

I MUST give you positive feedback for that. Haha,you made me laugh and there is no greater gift a stranger can make to another stranger.

badz1493762d ago

it's EA and you know they'll 'refurb' FIFA08 and polish it a little bit and brand it as FIFA09! I'm not saying PES is any better with their iterations either! but that's how things going to be when you are going to release the franchise annually!

Arsenal4Ever3762d ago

In fact it's totally revamped. The gameplay is excellent and is much better than FIFA 08 250 improvements.

alle283762d ago

Okeey, that I didn't know. But I know how EA are quite useless to improve their games at a large scale. They usually just improve the graphics a little bit, for example nhl 08 and nhl 07. All the other are the same

But I hope for some great sports games from EA this year =D

Harry1903762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

It really looks good,fast paced and the animations look even better. The guy at EA are really going at it. Pro Evo 2010,I have high hopes with the new engines,but right now,Fifa looks better.

Wasn't this match Lyon vs PSG?

highdro3762d ago

what type of low qulatiy vid is this, i mean come on is this person serious [o_o]

Stinkey3762d ago

Anyone who spent a substantial amount of time with FIFA 08 know that that Video was not FIFA 08. The AI Runs are different the pace is quicker the AI is just looks different everyone offense and defense is making moves, the whole pitch is looking alive and that my son is not what FIFA 08 look like. I can't wait for more vids. Great vid bad quality

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The story is too old to be commented.