One Year Later, Is the Xbox One Worth It?

Hardcore Gamer: It would be a lie to say that the Xbox One hasn’t had a hard time since it released a year ago, but has it gained enough ground to make it worth a purchase?

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ValKilmer1418d ago

Honestly, you can't afford not to own an Xbox One. At $349.99 or less with two or more free games, it's a steal. Combine that with exclusives that best the PS4's like Sunset Overdrive, Forza Horizon 2 or Halo: The Master Chief Collection and the fact that it's an all-in-one entertainment system and you have a winning combination that simply cannot be beat.

christocolus1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

its been selling like crazy even after the black friday deals.More of my colleagues are planning to pick up xbox ones now.i just hope MS can keep the momentum going.hopefully we get some new info at the planned January event.

FriedGoat1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

I think I'm still going to wait. If its this cheap after a year I wonder how low it will go. I actually went to check the games catalogue and realised if you own a gaming pc and a 360 (as i do) there really is no reason to own an Xbox right now other than the still broken master chief collection..

As for all in one entertainment system? Don't make me laugh, the xbox struggles to output audio formats that even the PS3 is capable of. xbone one can't even output Dolby tru HD, it would be blasphemy to my sound system.

dirkdady1418d ago

Nope. Not if you already own a ps4. Why buy a weaker system with 98% of the same games.

freshslicepizza1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

its a hard sell to anyone who already owns a ps4 but if you dont then yes, its a great time to get one if its going to be your main system. im still waiting since i think both the ps4 and xbox one aren't very desirable yet. i think this is the first generation where pc gaming is already quite a bit ahead in performance at an affordable price. im also getting sick of seeing the same games every year so what exactly is so exciting on these new systems? not much that i can see so far.

right now the best combo seems to be this,

pc, ps3, wiiu, 3ds

donthate1418d ago

I think the Xbox One is the best value out there right now considering:

* all in one entertainment device
* the exclusives are awesome in addition to the multiplatform games
* the heads over heels rapid pace of improvement on the console
* the Azure cloud
* the great price and bundles

I mean, in almost every department, the Xbox One is just a beast!

So yes, one year later, and the Xbox One is the best out there in my opinion!!!

tbone5671418d ago

Xbox One is destroying the PS4 this holiday.

4Sh0w1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

A obvious question deserves a obvious answer= It always depends on who you ask.

Is ps4 or wii u worth it?

-Yes but these days I'm not gaming enough to justify a buying a ps4 unlike past generations...actually last gen proved to me I don't need all the consoles. I enjoyed some ps3 and wii exclusives but I spent 90% of my time gaming on 360/Live with some friends. I used my ps3 and wii u so little that I would have been better off renting them or using a friends so I can completely understand when someone says any of the 3 don't hold enough value for them to purchase, nothing wrong with personal bias and having gaming habits that make 1 preferred over the others=

Again everybody situation and preferences are different so I never understand articles that ask open questions like this. Lol, might as well ask is bubble gum worth it after all these years= Of course it is when you got the taste for some gum.

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Nirvana315911418d ago

MCC is old halo ports, Forizon 2 is on the 360 and SSO would eventually come to PC. Besides people don't care about these "exclusives". They are barely selling on Xbox One anyway

Fireseed1418d ago

The ever-growing and already huge Killer Instinct would have to call you out on that BS.

ShowanW1418d ago

There is a difference between a straight port and the MCC... I'll let u do the digging on that....

And. FH2 on the One & 360 only share the same name, trust me it's not the same game...

Sunset will only go to PC if MS or Insomniac have an agreement for an eventual PC port... And even if so, it would so far down the line to would still be looked at as a One game...

But haters gonna hate... And will grab any straw possible to try and justify they're statements...

gangsta_red1418d ago

First these trolls accuse MS of having no exclusives...

Now these trolls accuse MS of making exclusives no one cares about...

Just can't win with these guys.

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NuggetsOfGod1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

Proformance wise both ps4 and xbox are lame. 30fps everything.

But game wise for 2014 xbox takes the cake..

two of sonys over rated 1st party devs showed what they had this year.

Killzone meh. Infamous got boring quick.

Forza horizon 2 I am still loving. Not even gonna touch drive club. One racer is enough.

Over drive takes itself less serious and I love more than infamous
even if infamous looks awsome visually.

Next I want I will wait for MCC to be fixed 90% as it seems to be the greatest console remake of all time.

I do want bloodbourne though so ps4 can get some love.
No mans sky will get for pc.

But seriously consoles games are way to cinamatic for me.

TomLovesXBOX1418d ago

How did Xbox take the cake for 2014?
Did people seem to forget that the Xbox didn't release anything for 7 months besides Titanfall which turned out to be a let down? The PS4 had the better year of games overall. The Xbox One MAYBE had better titles release the last 2 or 3 months but that is all opinionated. Master Chief collection is still having problems. Any other game can be found on PC. Sunset Overdrive is the only exclusive that I think is worth playing IMO.

DeadlyOreo1418d ago

Nuggetsofgold doesn't have a PS4 though, please don't fall for his trolling.

Read his post, the Xbox fanboyism is strong with this one.

Sitdown1418d ago

Killer Instinct on the PC?

TomLovesXBOX1418d ago

@Sitdown Killer Instinct was not released in 2014.

Ra30301418d ago

You may love Forza Horizon 2 and it may very well be a great game but not many other than you love it as to date it's sold less than 500k worldwide. That's nothing to talk about and the same can be said about Sunset OD it may be a great game but no one bought it.. WW sells less the 400k. To compare Halo MCC sold well over a million on release. And if you want talk PS4 exclusives Knack well over a million in WW sells and I'm gonna guess most ever PS4 owners will say Knack is not a game they want and before you say it's been out a year I'll bet they haven't sold a single copy of that game since 12-24-2013. Neither the X1 or the PS4 has exclusive games worth talking about sure there are great games but not everyone loves every game. Multiplats on the other hand their are many and those games are worth making the next gen jump for at this point. Less and less MP will be on the old consoles and those that are will be poorly done ports. Just ask anyone that got Forza Horizon 2 on the 360.

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ThatOneGuyThere1418d ago

"best the PS4's" is a matter of opinion. I find those games to be pretty terrible myself.

ainTgoTTime2bleed1418d ago

I respect your opinion but price alone won't change some people's mind, I've never owned a MS console and never will just because of the company behind the product.

Companies always strive for money, but how they go about business differs drastically.;)

Kurisu1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

I'm the same as you, never owned an MS console. I've been PS all the way.

As a PS4 owner there is still no reason for me personally to buy in to Xbox One as there are no exclusives that interest me, except for one upcoming one, Quantum Break. I felt the same with Alan Wake on the 360, but I wasn't going to buy a system for one game. If in the future the Xbox One gets more exclusives that interest me then I might invest. MIGHT.

cell9891418d ago

same here, Ive never owned a MS console, everything else I have. Currently have a PS4 and WiiU. Yes the current xbone bundle is very enticing because the price is killer, but I realize that yeah, Sunset looks awesome, but then what happens? MS has a pretty stale catalog for next year, compared to PS4.

Its a turn off, to buy it now for maybe 1 month of use to try out TitanFall, SunSet, and KI. Then what? Im not interested in Halo collection or Forza. Then I realize I still have Dragon Age, Farcry4, The Dark Below, Little Big Planet 3 and Shadow Of Mordor to finish.

Thats enough gaming for the next 2 months till Blodborne and The Order come out, plus Daylight and Battlefield Hardline etc come out around that time too. So where would buying an xbone fit for my videogame wants?

Its when I realize its still not worth buying yet. Sure when Quantum, Gears and the new Halo come out, it will build a nice set of exclusives, and Im sure by then, the xbone will be priced at $300.00 it is then that maybe just maybe I finally get a MS console.

Now if you still dont own a next gen console, YES!! now is the time to buy an xbone

BillytheBarbarian1418d ago

You need to read up on Sony's practices of pulling products from stores if they sold competing hardware. Wonder why EA didn't make Madden for Dreamcast? Sony threatened EA that if they made games on Sega they'd increase the cost of publishing on PS2. EA was banking 80% of it's revenue from PS1 by 1998 and didn't publish games for Dreamcast.

Sony was just as evil as Nintendo was in the 80s.

IrishSt0ner1418d ago

But you use Windows, right? Way to limit your options as a so called gamer.

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turdburgler10801418d ago

I do love that they got the DLNA up with MKV support so I don't have to plug my laptop in to the tv. Very convenient.

ABizzel11418d ago

Honestly all 3 consoles are worthwhile buys at this point, however, if you already have an XBO / PS4 then it's not really time to pick the other one up until later in 2015.

greenlantern28141418d ago

At the price they where selling on black Friday I couldn't pass it up. Got the Assassin Creed bundle and Sunset Overdrive. Already have the PS4, and WiiU in my opinion they are all worth having

InTheZoneAC1418d ago

you just mentioned one game that might interest non xbox owners

how does that justify a system purchase?

kurruptor1418d ago

I don't like racing games. MCC is a remaster and has a fair share of problems.

So, I should spend $350 on a system for Sunset Overdrive? No thanks.

medman1418d ago

You know if ValKilmer wants one, it's got to be a broken down p.o.s.

Eddie201011418d ago

Have an Xbox One, compared to PS4, which I also own, I would say Nah Xbox One isn't worth it.

Chris121418d ago

I also own both and say it's worth owning both. Opinions and all that

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Chris121418d ago

The simple answer is 'yes'

Gaming247allday1418d ago

Yes it is, damm has this system matured well already, can't wait to see it again in a few years and what it will look like

ThatOneGuyThere1418d ago

given their track record, it will be in the recycle with your 2 other replacements by that time.